Dr. Alix Crone

“Caring for one’s health is given the highest priority”

I joined Better Health because I wanted to practice in a place that was both progressive and patient-centered. Caring for one’s health is a process, not a quick fix, and should be given the highest priority. I believe in a healthcare paradigm that focuses on patient care and treats everyone like they are family. I am proud to be a part of the Better Health team and love helping people achieve their health and wellness goals.

Personal & Educational Background
I was introduced to chiropractic care as a 7-year-old patient, plagued by countless chronic injuries from gymnastics. I experienced remarkable benefits from chiropractic care and wanted to provide the same for others in need.

I was raised in Minnesota by parents who were chemical engineers. When I was 10, their company prompted us to move overseas to Singapore, where we lived for six years. The move enabled me to travel to numerous countries and experience a plethora of other cultures. After high school, my love of snow sports and the outdoors took me to Boulder, Colorado, where I attended the University of Colorado for my Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Physiology. My next step was to pursue my Doctorate of Chiropractic in the suburbs of the Windy City at the National University of Health Sciences, where I graduated in 2010. After practicing in Chicago for two years, my craving for the outdoors led me to Alaska, where I have been practicing since May of 2013.

I have had an affinity for snow and the mountains since my parents put me on a pair of skis at the ripe age of 5. I converted to snowboarding 14 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Alaska has pushed me to progress my backcountry riding and my dream while being here is to be dropped off by a helicopter onto a high peak of fresh snow. I am an avid hiker in the summer and try to explore a new peak every week.

At all times I am accompanied closely by my 5-year-old mutt, Dexter. His hobbies include hunting and sprinting up mountains. Though my passion for the outdoors is my primary driving force, I enjoy a variety of indoor hobbies such as food and cooking, as well as watching and cheering for the Denver Broncos. I have had countless adventures since living in Alaska and look forward to many more in the future.

Contact Me
I am always happy to speak with patients, both current and prospective. Feel free to reach me on my direct line during my office hours or e-mail me anytime and I’ll always be sure to reply quickly!


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