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I have had chronic back pain for many years and have been treated by chiropractors and physical therapists for acute episodes. The system used by Better Health combines the different modalities in their treatment/rehab program. I am very pleased with the care offered at the Juneau office. The staff are all friendly and care about you as an individual, addressing your individual situation. I am making progress and anticipate a good long term outcome.


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Wilma Cooper Better Health Juneau Chiropractor December 28, 2017

Great chiropractic care with a nice, friendly, welcoming environment. I was new to going to the chiropractor and felt comfortable with the process!!


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Adele Davis Better Health Juneau Chiropractor December 28, 2017

Dr. Jillian is amazing. She restored my trust in doctors. She has helped me more in the short time since I started seeing her, than others have in years.


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Patricia-Kyle Lamson Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 28, 2017

Dr. Jill adjusted me in SD. She is amazing and truly cares for her patients. I was out of pain quickly. I recommend anyone go and see her! Quality chiropractic care!


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Ashley Kauffman Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 28, 2017

Dr. Peterson not only offers all the care of a chiropractor, she offers knowledge to actually help you get better. Instead of just feeling ok from adjustment to adjustment, she works with you to actually recover from pain.


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Ryan Anderson Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 28, 2017

I was having some back pain but had never seen a Chiropractor. I went to see Dr. Woolfenden, he ran some tests on me, explained what he was going to do, and made me feel at ease about what he would be doing.


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Karina Briseno Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

I pulled a muscle in my lower back at an Insanity class at the gym. A coworker recommended this office and I went within a few days of my injury. Through therapy, adjustments and core strength training on the machines it’s all healed up and hopefully won’t happen again!


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Jessica Schalkowski Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

Dr. Woolfenden and the staff at Better Health really know what they are doing – they helped my reverse cervical spine with all their state of the art equipment like their anti-gravity low back machine and all the strengthening equipment helped me stop thinking about my back all the time! Now I just go in for maintenance – they are great!


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Courtney Miconelson Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

Long story short: I have lived with so-o-o much pain for so-o-o long and I never thought I would live any differently… I had “gotten used to” the idea and my compromised lifestyle. A few months ago, to add insult to misery, I took a terrible fall! I injured my head/neck/brain (severe inflammation) on down to my lower back (where I now have 2 compression fractures) and into my arms and hands. My knee giving out was the 1st injury as both my knees became very weak and painful especially when I have to climb my 4 flights of stairs on a daily basis in my home. My shoulder/arm and on down to my hand and fingertips were hurt, also, plus I have 2 pinched nerves in my neck. I have had sciatic nerve damage and pain into my hips since giving birth to my 5 kids, over 30 yrs. ago, and the fall aggravated this condition. One day my husband learned about this clinic from a co-worker and THIS Dr. was highly recommended to us. She was new in town and it turned out she had moved to Juneau while I was hospitalized in Seattle for a month due to complications from that fall. I was unresponsive and had to be air-evacuated to Seattle one day… They did all they could do for me there and began some PT so I could, hopefully, get around when I came home. I needed a walker to walk and was still quite ill from my whole ordeal. I was in pretty pathetic shape and NEEDED help!

When I came to Dr. Jillian Peterson, the end of to be able to move again. She told me that my inflammation had “gone global” and I could tell she understood my pain. She told me we’d only do what I could handle and made a personalized treatment plan for me. The goal being to heal me and then strengthen me. She accepted my desire to do things as natural as possible, too. I was tired of medications that didn’t help. TRUSTING her was easy, although at 1st I was scared of what they might DO to me there. After being ill for many months and then incapacitated, my husband had told me, one day, “I need to take you somewhere where they can stretch you and help you feel better”… Before this he didn’t even believe in chiropractors… this was a BIG step for us both!

I went 2-3 times a week the 1st 6 weeks and now, I have progressed to 2 times a week. Chiropractic Adjustments… Ultra Sound Treatments… Electrical Stimulation Treatments… Cervical Traction… Massage Therapy (from a woman with magic hands!) and it IS happening! Slow and steady… with constant concern over what I need/how I feel etc. and I am very grateful to her and her staff for helping me to get back to being myself, again. I started phase 2 (some exercises) that turned out to be too much for me right now… so we backed off and proceeded with what I had been doing that was working. It is ALL about what the patient needs/what I NEED.

I have been to other clinics in Juneau and I ONLY received Physical Therapy. I REALLY LOVE seeing two or even three different treatment providers in one visit such as: the chiropractor, a physical therapist(s) and sometimes even a massage therapist. More treatments mean more results and ALL IN ONE PLACE! I, also, liked how she explained my issues using models and diagrams which was helpful and gave me a true visual of what was going on with me. I did not feel rushed and I had a ton of questions! They are working with me re: my portion of the costs… I feel they care MORE about me than they do my insurance and they make it work to calm MY stress :0)

I actually LOOK FORWARD to my appts. because I always leave there feeling BETTER :0) I have NO doubt I will be better sooner than later… my range of motion progress has been amazing and I would recommend this clinic/Dr./staff to everyone!


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Merri Rosales Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

I have to say I’m impressed! From the moment I arrived, the respect and care by the staff at Better Health was exceptional. Dr. Jillian Peterson didn’t rush to a diagnosis and treatment plan. Instead she carefully listened to my complaints, examined my back and reviewed my x-rays before deciding on the best course of action. For me this meant a routine of massage therapy, e-stimulation, time on the “D.R.S” system and frequent chiropractic back adjustments. During this first phase the staff taught me light stretching exercises to do both at the center and at home. These stretches intensified over time, some with the use of an exercise ball. The 2nd phase of my treatment coursed away from the e-stim and D.R.S. and focused more on strengthening my back. This was done by intensified home exercises, diathermy, and the use of the exercise equipment at the center and continued back adjustments. All of this was monitored by the wonderful staff and often Dr. Peterson herself! The rehab center is both professional, comfortable and casual. Even as I was receiving treatments, I would hear other patients laughing and talking as they interacted with the staff. It took time and work but I have the say my back feels incredible. Thumbs up to the Better Heath center! – Mark


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Mark Lukey Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

When I first went to Better Health I was skeptical from some preconceived ideas I had about chiropractors. I had my first appointment and it was not what I expected. Dr. Woolfenden explained my issues using models and diagrams which was helpful and I did not feel rushed or like a burden for asking questions. When it comes to cost all I will say is; they work with you and genuinely care. The staff make me feel like old friends and I really have no complaints other than maybe they need a chocolate fountain in the waiting room? Just an idea….

Highly recommend!


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William Bottorf Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

I was very impressed how professional and nice Dr. Peterson and her staff were to me during my many visits to Better Health Chiropractic. I highly recommend Christina for massage therapy as she is fantastic.


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Lori Scott Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

The service provided at the clinic was top notch. The front office receptionist was very welcoming and had a smile on her face. I waiting nearly no time at all to get in to my appointment and once inside Dr. Jillian Peterson was very descriptive and helpful. We talked about what has been bothering me and then what steps to take to try to get me feeling better. I would for surely recommend Dr. Peterson and better health to anyone looking for chiropractic care.


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Justin Fuller Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

I’d like to express my appreciation for Dr. Peterson and all her staff. They’re a very professional and caring team. The whole office has a nice, comfortable feel. My first visit impressed me due to the amount of time Dr. Peterson spent with me. She was able to take X-rays on site, I was treated with e-stim, the DRS machine, had an initial consultation, was adjusted AND shown exercises which would help alleviate some of my symptoms. I left there virtually pain free! The second visit I had an in depth consultation along with e-stim and adjustment. She explained what was causing my pain, devised a treatment plan and showed me more things I could do for self care. Dr. Peterson is also conscious of the cost of treatment and offers a discount for those of us who are self pay. I know I can trust her not to pad my treatment plan with unnecessary expense. I am just extraordinary impressed by the amount of personalized time spent with patients and the quality of care you receive at Better Health Chiropractic. So if you are looking for a doctor and want professional, caring people that take the time to personalize your health care- I highly recommend Dr. Peterson and her team. It’s wonderful to be pain free!!


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Mary George Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

I would, and do, recommend Better Health Chiropractic to anyone who will listen. After years of lower back pain, multiple doctor and other chiropractic visits, I never received a solution or even a diagnosis. My first visit to Dr. Peterson’s office I was greeted by a friendly staff who immediately made me feel comfortable. We did x-rays and Dr. Peterson was able to show me exactly where the problem was and developed a strategic plan to relive it. Within the first two weeks of sticking with her plan, I was feeling better then I ever had before. Dr. Peterson is caring and truly knows each of her patients. She explains what she is doing and why in a way that is easy to understand and gives you homework, so you can work on getting better at home too. Their offices combine chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage, and more to create a well rounded and full scale solution to pain management that isn’t like other doctors who just want you to keep coming back forever.

Thank you to Dr. Peterson & her staff for showing me the problem, developing a plan, and reaching a solution. I feel better then ever and will hike & yoga to my hearts desires! 🙂


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Tesla Cox Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

The staff is friendly and easy to communicate with. The facility is organized and well laid out! It is a very homey place too!


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Bedusha Thomas Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

The Better Health Clinic in Juneau, Alaska helped my problem with back pain. Dr. Peterson and her staff are really nice and helpful! I have recommended this clinic to a couple of my friends, and will definitely recommend to someone who is looking for a great chiropractor in town!


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Lorenz Zaguirre Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

What more can I say than these gals are awesome! Super friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I like the fact that they took the time to explain exactly what my insurance will cover. It’s nice to have all the services that I need in one office.


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James Ray Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

Dr. Peterson has managed to get most of my 50 year plus injuries to calm down and play sort of nice. Much better than they used to do. Her staff is pretty good too. The masseuse has gotten rid of muscle knots that are older than she is. Great people doing good work.


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John Cooper Better ​Health ​Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

Dr. Peterson is amazing! After a thorough exam she was able to start treating my issues and after just a few weeks of treatment I am doing so much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Peterson to anyone looking for an excellent doctor.


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Anara McCarthy Better ​Health ​Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

Awesome place to get treated, very professional, polite and friendly staff. So satisfied to every thing they’ve done.


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Rico Bautista Better Health Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

In Juneau, great people, great service and caring individuals. I am feeling better already after two weeks and would recommend them to anybody who is need of pain management program for chronic symptoms or simple adjustments for better health. Take the time, it is worth it.


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Curtis Clough Better ​Health ​Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017

I was treated by Dr. Samuel Woolfenden in the Juneau office. Dr. Sam is awesome. He is a very intelligent, intuitive, and sensitive provider. Not only is he a great doctor, his office staff are friendly and professional. When I walked into the office I was in so much pain. He developed a treatment plan for me that not only got me out of pain but also built up and strengthened my muscles so that the chances of a re-occurrence are greatly minimized. I would highly recommend Dr. Woolfenden and he is a great asset to Better Health and Wellness.


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Myrna519 Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 5, 2017


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