Anchorage arthritis chiropractor: It might be challenging to determine the appropriate course of treatment if you have arthritis. Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, chiropractic therapy has several known advantages for arthritis sufferers. If you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with arthritis, continue reading to learn what chiropractic care can do for the condition and why you should visit a chiropractor.

Chiropractic care can reduce joint inflammation and improve mobility. This helps affected joints move more freely with less pain and discomfort. Chiropractors are experts when it comes to musculoskeletal and joint problems. They are well-versed in how to treat people who have arthritis.

Continue reading to find out how a chiropractor can assist with arthritis, as well as studies that demonstrate how helpful visiting a chiropractor is.

Is Chiropractic Good for Arthritis?

There are a few distinct ways that chiropractic treatment is beneficial for arthritis. Chiropractic therapy does not completely cure arthritis and does not prevent it from coming back, but it does assist to lessen discomfort, halt joint deterioration, and increase range of motion.

Here are just a few studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of visiting a chiropractor for arthritis. The studies that follow all focus on osteoarthritis, the most prevalent form of arthritis. But we’ll also talk about what chiropractic treatment can do for people who have rheumatoid arthritis.

Chiropractor for Hip Arthritis

    • This study, published in 2010, followed the progress of four patients diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis. These four people were given a total of nine chiropractic sessions each, and their outcomes were based on pain and range of motion. 
    • All four patients reported reductions in discomfort and gains in range of motion at the conclusion of the research. The overall percentage of improvement was close to 70%.

    Chiropractor for Knee Arthritis

    • case study followed the treatment of a 54-year-old woman with knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. She had been experiencing pain for about three years before seeking chiropractic care. The doctor of chiropractic treated her with a combination of active and passive therapies, as well as nutritional therapy. 
    • During and five months after the procedure, the woman’s knee discomfort and range of motion both improved. This is a wonderful illustration of the type of multifaceted therapy that Better Health Chiropractic provides. Combining active and passive therapy for arthritis can assist to regain joint motion and lessen discomfort by lowering or eliminating inflammation.

    Chiropractor for Back Arthritis

    • This larger study of 250 people compared the effects of moist heat and chiropractic care on those with back pain from osteoarthritis. The patients were randomly split into two groups. One group received only moist heat therapy for their back pain, while the other received both moist heat and chiropractic care. 
    • In terms of discomfort and range of motion, the two groups were comparable at the start of the study, but that didn’t last long. Significant pain relief was felt by those in the chiropractic group but not by those in the moist heat group. In the chiropractic group, pain alleviation was both quicker and more profound, and range of motion was improved.

    Chiropractor for Rheumatoid Arthritis

      • When the body misidentifies local joint tissue as foreign invaders, rheumatoid arthritis develops. As a result, the body attacks the joints and inflames them over time. Because extremely inflamed joints shouldn’t be moved, the typical chiropractic care for osteoarthritis isn’t the best for rheumatoid arthritis. However, that doesn’t imply that chiropractic treatment is ineffective. It can.
      • One study showed that chiropractic care helped lower inflammation markers circulating in the body. And lower inflammation markers mean less inflammation and less pain. This is why many rheumatoid arthritis sufferers often take medication and see a chiropractor to help manage this disease. 

      Types of Chiropractic Treatment for Arthritis

      Depending on the results of their examination, chiropractors may prescribe or suggest a variety of treatments. These therapies can range from routine workouts to dietary alterations, manual adjustments, or massage therapy. A chiropractor would probably suggest spinal manipulation, specific exercises, and massage therapy as inflammatory back pain remedies for people with spinal arthritis.

      As shown by the research above, the objectives of any chiropractic treatment for arthritis are to decrease inflammation and increase range of motion. Even though spinal adjustments play a significant role in every chiropractic treatment, they are by no means the sole option available to a chiropractor. The chiropractor’s office frequently houses a physical therapist, a massage therapist, and a dietitian because it takes a whole-body approach.

      In order to better assist their patients, some chiropractors are also nutritionists. They are aware of the interactions between the body’s many sections. They are aware that problems with the knee or the foot can have an impact all the way up to the spine.

      When you visit a chiropractor for arthritis, you’ll likely get an approach that includes:

      • Spinal adjustments

      • Massage therapy

      • Stretching and exercises

      • Nutrition tips

      • Weight loss tips

      • Physical therapy

      • Anti-inflammation techniques, including ultrasound, cold laser therapy, electronic stimulation, and heat and ice therapy. 

      • Posture tips

      Chiropractic Treatment Better Than NSAIDs

      Chiropractic care is beneficial to you and doesn’t have the same hazards as other popular treatments for arthritis because it is a conservative approach. Chiropractic care never involves the use of harmful procedures or medications. Chiropractors are aware of how the body functions as a whole. It goes without saying that when one area of the body is inflamed or dysfunctional, it has an impact on the rest of the body.

      Chiropractic treatment for arthritis is superior to several over-the-counter medications that are deemed safe in moderate doses because to its natural, conservative approach. In fact, a study examined the effectiveness of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications vs chiropractic adjustments for treating arthritis (NSAIDs).

      This study found that continued use of NSAIDs should be avoided if at all possible due to the negative effects that the drugs have on the body after extended use. Plus, the authors of the study noted that NSAIDs don’t actually do anything to treat arthritis, they simply mask the symptoms. 

      However, it was discovered that chiropractic care was preferable since it didn’t have the unfavorable side effects of NSAIDs and because it might really help people feel less pain and have better range of motion. According to the study’s authors, chiropractic care is always the best form of conservative treatment for arthritis when combined with other approaches like therapeutic stretches and exercises.

      Is Seeing a Chiropractor for Arthritis Safe?

      Chiropractic treatments is seen to be very safe for arthritis because it is a non-invasive and conservative therapeutic approach. Most patients who suffer negative effects report that they are just mildly uncomfortable and that they usually go away within 24 hours. Chiropractic therapy is advised by the Arthritis Foundation as a reliable and secure method of managing arthritis.

      Chiropractic therapy is highly safe when compared to injections and the usage of risky painkillers. This is as a result of chiropractors treating arthritis naturally and holistically. Even if they are unable to adjust a particular joint due to discomfort or inflammation, they may frequently treat the surrounding tissue or any other parts of the body that may be impacted.

      You may have heard that cracking your back, which sometimes happens during a chiropractic adjustment, can cause arthritis. The truth is that it does not cause arthritis, and there are plenty of studies that prove it. The sound you hear is simply the release of gases that build up naturally in the joints of the body. 

      Chiropractor for Arthritis: Conclusion

      The research indicates that arthritis patients should investigate chiropractic care before pursuing other forms of treatment, such as NSAIDs. Expert chiropractors who have been practicing for more than 20 years in Alaska at Better Health Chiropractic are skilled in treating arthritis. In addition to treating knee, hip, and shoulder arthritis, they also provide treatment for cervical spondylosis and back arthritis.

      There are numerous treatment options, but the most popular ones include mobility-improving exercises, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy stretches. Chiropractic care is a fantastic therapeutic alternative that can provide arthritis sufferers with relief from ongoing suffering!

      Contact Better Health Chiropractic in Anchorage today to experience the relief that thousands of Alaskans have come to know. 

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