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I had a motor vehicle accident. After the accident I had a lot of pain in my lower back, left knee, and hip. I felt extremely stiff and had difficulty bending over. I am still doing the DRX therapy for a disc problem and have a little bit of pain but it is getting better. I am now able to walk, sit, and stand without any pain.


I had severe low back pain so bad that I couldn’t stand up.  Within one week of treatment I was able to walk and do normal activity with a little back pain. After two weeks of chiropractic and rehab in the Anchorage office, the pain was almost gone, and in three weeks there was no pain at all. Everybody was terrific. Thank you so much!!

-John B.

“A significant difference in the care at Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Therapy had to do with the time staff members took to listen to my concerns and feedback.”

-Josh Fremin

“The treatment worked so well, I should have come years ago.”