12 Point Hip Renewal Program

Do you suffer from persistent , hip pain?

Through the use of a variety of techniques and protocols, we can treat and reduce pain in problem hips. Our program incorporates a combination of therapies ranging from massage therapy to chiropractic care to modern biotechnology. Implemented together these techniques can treat your hip pain and get you back to your life.

Is walking or even just sitting down excruciating and difficult? You’re not alone. Plenty of people develop problems in their hips as they get older.. Whatever its cause, a problem in the hips can really wreck the quality of your life. But fear not. Better Health Alaska now offers a proprietary 12 Point Hip Renewal Program. This program was developed to help people just like you.

Our 12-Point System consists of:

Your INITIAL Exam and Consultation

– We give you a comprehensive exam to find the cause of your problem. If required, we can use imaging technologies like X-Rays, MRIs, or diagnostic ultrasound. These will give us an internal rendering of your hip. Using such material, we can then construct a master plan for the rest of your program.

Your Own Personalized

– We use what we learned in the consultation and imaging session to meticulously design and develop a customized treatment plan around your specific needs. We offer a host of different treatment options for you to choose from. We help you select which ones will serve you best.

An Advanced Reliable Take-Home Brace

– We provide a sturdy take-home brace created with cutting-edge technology. This will give you biomechanical support and help keep your bones properly aligned. Once equipped with this device, you’ll undergo retraining of both your hip joint and the muscles that surround it. This is to prevent you from returning to your previous harmful ways.


– Now, we use a form of Next Generation tissue regeneration technology. By directing highly pulsed acoustic waves at the area surrounding the hip joint, this state-of-the-art, non-invasive device helps revivify bones, tissues, and tendons. It stimulates stem cells, increases blood supply, and dramatically accelerates healing.

Our Proprietary

– We can help regenerate and restore a lot of the hip’s natural condition with the use of some of the latest advances in natural medicine. From there, we utilize advanced bio-technologies such as human cellular tissue implants, PRP injections, and other modern therapies injecting them in precisely determined locations for maximum effect.

Supportive “CUSHIONING” Therapies, such as Hyaluronic Acid Injections

– Hip problems can sometimes be caused by low-levels or even the complete lack of a protective, “cushioning” fluid. This gel-like substance, commonly referred to as hyaluronic acid (HA), can be replaced with a sequence of minimally-invasive injections in the hip that lubricate the joint and diminish pain.


Our “HIP RENEWAL Rehab Protocol”

– From here, we put into action our “hip renewal rehab protocol,” a program consisting of a series of substeps targeted at the hip. Using hip-specific movements and exercises, this program can strengthen the hip, increase its flexibility, and lessen pain.

MANUAL Therapy

– Using his/her hands, a trained therapist can carefully apply pressure to the area around the hip. Through simple massage, the therapist can lessen inflammation and pain. At the same time, this can increase range of motion and promote internal healing providing relief to the hip and the tissues surrounding it.


– By directing ultrasonic waves at the hip joint and the surrounding region we can lessen inflammation and pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other nearby tissues. With the right techniques using ultrasound therapy we can help heal damage in joints and tissues.

Prescribed home exercise routines.

– Next, one of our qualified physicians or therapists will prescribe some home exercises for you to work on. These exercises will help you strengthen the muscles in and around your hip. This will improve your posture and lessen your pain while promoting the stability and positioning of the newly-adjusted hip bones.

A customized aftercare plan

– You’ll want to keep your gains after completing our Program. In light of that, we will develop a comprehensive aftercare plan. Generally, this will involve regular chiropractic care, and possibly physical therapy. Additionally, we might prescribe a home exercise regimen. Incorporating such things into your usual activities will maintain your hip’s health.