Allison M.

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Lead Patient Care Coordinator, South Anchorage Clinic

Allison M.

Hi, I’m Allison, Lead Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) at the Better Health Chiropractic South Anchorage clinic. I serve as a liaison between all of our departments and our wonderful patients. Typically, I’m the first smiling face that greets people as they walk in and join our Better Health family.

More specifically, I’m responsible for all administrative aspects, including creating and updating medical records, handling insurance correspondence, and getting you scheduled for appointments. Easily, my favorite part of this role is being able to watch patient transformations. Between their first visit and their last, the improvement always shows as clients walk in and out of the clinic doors.

One thing I love is the fact our patients are far more than numbers. As they come in each week for treatment, we get to truly know each other. Folks realize they enjoy coming to their appointments, and it becomes a fun day for all of us. I want to help others and learn from them in the process. Contributing to the community offers a wonderful avenue for learning and exploration about the world that surrounds us.

I’m from South New Jersey. Outside of work, I’m committed to enjoying the Alaskan outdoors while hiking, skiing, or pitching a fire-side tent. I love to draw our stunning landscapes as I explore the outdoors. See you around the clinic!

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