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Lead Clinical Trainer/Therapy Aid, South Anchorage Clinic

Anna S.

Hello, I’m Anna, a Therapy Aide at the Better Health Chiropractic clinic in South Anchorage. What’s a therapy aide you ask? Good question! What I do is assist the doctor with personalized treatment plans, and help teach patients about exercises and stretches to “aid” in their recovery. Personally, I happen to believe it’s only THE BEST…job…ever! I get to help people feel better. And, there’s nothing quite like ‘Graduation Day’ around our clinic when patients walk out with a new spring in their step and nice, big smiles on their faces. Along with dancing and laughter, it’s the best medicine besides the treatments we do therapy-wise which you’ll discover once you come in for treatment.

Personally, I grew up in Anchorage and really enjoy the summers, especially getting my ‘freckle on.’ My 3 wonderful daughters, granddaughter, and the one I call Babe are my purest of joys outside work. Speaking of which, I need to get back to it. I’ll be just as exuberant and excited to meet you soon on your way to a healthier happier YOU!

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