Patient Care Coordinator

I work as the Patient Care Coordinator at Better Health. This requires me to create and maintain patient charts, records, and schedules. I’m also responsible for verifying a patient’s insurance and keeping the clinic’s common areas spotless. Besides this, I stay active in the office and look for other ways I can be of assistance, such as helping with therapeutic exercises or running errands. 

My top priority is to ensure that each patient is comfortable with their care and feels as if Better Health is a second family. In fact, the South team often calls me “mom” because I try to make the office a family-like environment. 

I truly enjoy working at Better Health. Not only is the team great, but I love seeing a patient’s transformation. 

I’m not from Alaska (I grew up in Upstate New York), but when arriving here I felt like I finally found my home after years of moving. My husband and I have been married for eight years and we have a child and fur baby. My core values revolve around my family and making sure my kid learns to have kindness in her heart even when life seems out of whack. 

When I’m not working, I like being with my family, going camping, enjoying fires, hiking, sampling new cuisines and drinks, and traveling to new destinations. What I’m most passionate about is my cooking because it’s how I show my love to others and my appreciation for what people bring into my life.