Massage Therapist, North Anchorage Clinic

Cindy Taranto

Hi there, I’m Cindy, a professional and always friendly massage therapist assisting our amazing patients at the Better Health Chiropractic clinic in North Anchorage. The best part of working within our team is being able to conduct a variety of therapies in a safe and fun environment, helping folks get back to their livelihoods and a pain-free lifestyle.Honestly, it’s our patients that keep me coming back to the clinic with a skip in my step each day.

My personally, I’m born and raised in Anchorage (graduate of East High School), the youngest of six, I received my massage training at Alaska Career College in 2013, and my father is definitely my hero – always working hard for his family. I love the area, know the people well, and all my favorite family memories happened during the summers in this great state – camping, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors. Along with relieving people’s discomforts, I’m passionate about my spirituality, studying the stars, and eventually I’m going to travel the world. Until then, I look forward to meeting you at the clinic soon!