Coni W.

Billing and Administration, Patient Advocate

I am the head of administration and patient advocacy for Better Health Alaska. For more than twenty years I have been part of the Better Health Alaska team. My job is exciting because I am involved in many different aspects of the practice – and that keeps me on my toes. The biggest reward, for me, though, is working with our amazing Better Health family and seeing the way they help our valued patients get back to their pain-free lives. While I don’t have much direct contact with our patients, I do get to hear many of the success stories that help to reinforce our purpose – to get people better for the long-term. I grew up in California and Las Vegas. My husband and I have three amazing children, as well as two dogs and two cats whom we adore. When I am not attending to matters at Better Health, I’m raising my children and pets. I also enjoy crafting, volunteering, party planning, and being with friends and family.