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Massage Therapist


1. Licensed Massage Therapist.
2. As a massage therapist I provide a number of modalities ranging from swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, sports massage and cupping.
3. My top priority is to alleviate pain within the best of my abilities for every patient we see so that they can live and experience life as pain free as possible.
4. What I like about working at Better Health is working on the patients in order to alleviate any pain they have as well as getting to know the patient's and their life experiences. Also having great coworkers and a stress free work environment is a plus working at Better Health.
5. What I like about our patients is the diversity. We get people from different races, ethnicities, walks of life and getting to know them and their life experiences is always a pleasure.
6. I have spent most of my life affiliated with the military, whether that's being a Navy brat or a Soldier in the US Army, causing me to move and experience new places every 3-5 years. For example I spent my high school years while stationed in Japan.
7. I do what I do because like many others out there I experience aches and pains. Some from injuries and some from daily life activities. I have learned and continue to learn ways and methods that I believe can alleviate my pains which I practice on patients to alleviate their pains.
8. When it's warm I like to go camping, hiking, fishing, walking my dog and shooting guns. When It's cold more so hibernation, playing video games, streaming shows and movies.
9. I'm passionate about animals. I love my dog a lot even though he's a butthead. Also learning new things and having an adventure.

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