Massage Therapist

Hello there! My name is Daniel and I’m a licensed massage therapist. I provide a number of modalities ranging from Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage as well as cupping. 

I like working as a massage therapist because, like many others out there, I experienced aches and pains. Some of these are from injuries and others are from daily activities. I know how great it feels to find pain relief, so I’m happy to provide that service to our patients so they can live and experience life as pain free as possible. 

I enjoy working at Better Health Chiropractic because I get to meet a diverse range of people from all walks of life. I also have great coworkers and the environment is stress free, which makes coming to work that much better!

Before getting into massage therapy, I was a soldier in the US Army. Before that I was a Navy brat, so I got used to moving to new places every few years. For example, I spent my high school years in Japan!

When it’s warm, I like to go camping, hiking, and fishing. I also like to walk my dog and shoot guns. When it’s cold out, you’ll find me hibernating inside, playing video games, streaming shows, or watching movies. 

I’m passionate about animals. I love my dog even though he can be a butthead sometimes! I also like learning new things and going on adventures.