Therapy Assistant

My position at Better Health is as a Therapy Assistant. I help with the more physical side of therapy such as stretches and the use of our guided weight machines.

My Goal as a Therapy Assistant

There are three top priorities for someone in my position: projecting confidence, being empathic, and being adaptable. You must be confident in order for those around you to feel comfortable with the information you give them. You must be empathic so you can better relate to each patient. And, lastly, you must be adaptable to best suit everyone’s varied needs!

I enjoy being able to help people with their health and their fitness as well. Both are very important to me and I enjoy sharing such with those under my care.

My Background

I grew up originally in Electra, Texas and moved to Petersburg, Alaska while in middle school. I later moved to Juneau for college and loved the town, so I stayed. One of the biggest things that drives me is my own personal experience with my health. I struggled with some health issues while I was young and I want to make sure others don’t have to deal with that. My favorite pastimes are painting and reading! As for reading, I’ll read anything that has a good story! I’m, also, very passionate about the pursuits of knowledge. I always want to learn new things!