Patient Care Coordinator, Juneau Office

Katelyn P

Hi everyone! I’m Katelyn, the ever-friendly and professional Patient Care Coordinator in the Better Health Chiropractic Juneau office. It’s my wonderful pleasure to listen and understand the needs and expectations of each of our patients – the more I understand, the better I can coordinate with the entire Better Health Chiropractic family to get them feeling their best. Easily the most rewarding aspect of what I do is getting to watch their progress from visit #1 to the final day of treatment. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many great members of this community, from all walks of life.

Personally, I come from parents who are dedicated, dependable and unrelenting in their ethic – they instilled in me the value of working hard. On the other side of that coin, weather permitting my work has taught me so much about this town I didn’t know – fishing spots, weekend getaway spots, where to get the best crab legs, or where to set up a gorgeous Juneau beach-fire. Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, or share any concern. Hope to see you around the clinic soon!