Shawna B.

Therapy Assistant at Better Health Alaska in Anchorage

I work as the patient care coordinator.

A day in the life of a patient care coordinator includes working with patients.

My priority as a PCC is to work with the patient, and their schedules, to get them in clinic and completing their treatment plans so we can alleviate their pain.

Here at Better Health I enjoy seeing the patients on a regular basis and really getting to know them because of it. This makes watching their transformation very meaningful and exciting.

I grew up in here in Anchorage Alaska and graduated from Robert service highschool. I have been very interested in the medical field ever since I had my ACL repair surgery when I was 15. After going to physical therapy and working toward my recovery I really enjoyed learning about rehabilitation.

My favorite way to pass time is playing sports. I grew up participating in many different types of sports. After graduating high school, I stopped playing a lot of sports and now mainly like to spend my free time improving my strength at the gym.

I am very passionate about traveling. I have always wanted to learn many different languages and travel to different countries to experience different types of lifestyles and cultures. I began to love traveling after traveling to Indonesia where my mother grew up and spending a lot of time leaning the about their culture from my family. I hope to one day build a nice home in Indonesia I can travel to frequently and have my family stay at.