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Brande McGovern’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

Brande McGovern’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

I never thought Id be writing a review for Chiropractic Therapy, yet here I am perched on the highest of mountains raving of my care/recovery I have received from the hands of Better Health Chiropractic Therapy!!

Massive daily headaches from a car accident left me at my whits end and screaming with my insurance company who prompted me to search out the care of a Chiropractor. Honesty here, I laughed and even smirked with such a suggestion, yet Googled for help!

By the second visit Jonathan Vito and his staff released my headache that lasted through the night, allowing me to have my first nights sleep since my accident on December 6th, 2014.

I’m not going to attempt to convince you or state that I understand the hows or whys nor going to tell you I love the “neck adjusting” (cracking and popping) however the procedures being done to me are indeed allowing me to get back to running daily and sleeping through the night and smiling!

I think I have come to the revelation that I might not have been fair prior in my judgement of this type of care and look for the positive in all aspects of my world, if good came out of my car accident it is surely that I have found Better Health Chiropractic and am now a believer!

If you have an ache, a head ache, a pain or just a desire to have some guy named “Vito” cracked you neck, I feel confident to tell you to try them! You’ll most likely been in goods hands!!!

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