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LeftE1219’s Google Maps Review – East Anchorage

LeftE1219’s Google Maps Review – East Anchorage

Went in with some major pain in my neck, they were very polite and forgiving when it came to the pain, they knew how to handle the situation and how to get you cured, I really enjoyed my time there, the plans they set up are specific to your injury, it makes for a steady, yet fast recovery. Randy is awesome, he is the physical therapist there, he demonstrates how to do the exercise(s) and doesn’t just let you sit there and suffer, he gets hands on and tells you if you happen do it wrong and he doesn’t let you over do it, very patient. Rosa is great at massage therapy, she tells you exactly what she is going to do, how it may hurt during and afterwards, and if you trust her (and you should) the massage is more beneficial than you might think. The Dr. is just as great as her staff, she walks you through step by step on what the plan is for your injury and gives out improvement graphs to prove it, its great to see how far you’ve come. I also would like to thank Grace, she is great at letting you know your dates and times of your appointments as well as walking you through how they do things, whether it be about them or how insurance goes, and she always has a smile on her face. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my pain, its Better Health for me, ALL THE WAY!! Great job everyone.


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