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Mariah DeJesus-Remaklus’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

Mariah DeJesus-Remaklus’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

After experiencing a few months of back pain, I was recommended by a coworker of someone I work with to check out Better Health. Setting up an appointment was really easy and my first visit was comfortable and pleasant. Everyone was super nice and welcoming and after leaving, I already felt like I was going to get better and feel better soon.

I was educated about what my issues were and my multiple visits every week were usually something I ended up looking forward to, particularly because they always made me feel more relaxed and like I wasn’t in such bad shape. I had easy conversations with Dr. Vito and staff, which is something I believe to be important between patients and those who work there. They’ve also been very flexible with scheduling visits and even rescheduling them when I had other things to deal with and that was honestly such a relief! No one should have to stress about appointments that are supposed to make them feel the opposite.

I’m still visiting every few weeks for adjustments and I’m glad that I am. I definitely feel a lot better than I did 6 months ago and I can’t imagine where my body would be now if I hadn’t decided to look into the pain I was experiencing. If anyone asks me for suggestions on places to go for back issues, I know I’d definitely tell them about Better Health, hands down 🙂


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Mariah DeJesus-Remaklus Better ​Health ​South Anchorage Chiropractor December 4, 2017

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