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Mark Lukey’s Google Maps Review – Juneau

Mark Lukey’s Google Maps Review – Juneau

I have to say I’m impressed! From the moment I arrived, the respect and care by the staff at Better Health was exceptional. Dr. Jillian Peterson didn’t rush to a diagnosis and treatment plan. Instead she carefully listened to my complaints, examined my back and reviewed my x-rays before deciding on the best course of action. For me this meant a routine of massage therapy, e-stimulation, time on the “D.R.S” system and frequent chiropractic back adjustments. During this first phase the staff taught me light stretching exercises to do both at the center and at home. These stretches intensified over time, some with the use of an exercise ball. The 2nd phase of my treatment coursed away from the e-stim and D.R.S. and focused more on strengthening my back. This was done by intensified home exercises, diathermy, and the use of the exercise equipment at the center and continued back adjustments. All of this was monitored by the wonderful staff and often Dr. Peterson herself! The rehab center is both professional, comfortable and casual. Even as I was receiving treatments, I would hear other patients laughing and talking as they interacted with the staff. It took time and work but I have the say my back feels incredible. Thumbs up to the Better Heath center! – Mark


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Mark Lukey Better ​Health Juneau Chiropractor December 7, 2017

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