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Mary George’s Google Maps Review – Juneau

Mary George’s Google Maps Review – Juneau

I’d like to express my appreciation for Dr. Peterson and all her staff. They’re a very professional and caring team. The whole office has a nice, comfortable feel. My first visit impressed me due to the amount of time Dr. Peterson spent with me. She was able to take X-rays on site, I was treated with e-stim, the DRS machine, had an initial consultation, was adjusted AND shown exercises which would help alleviate some of my symptoms. I left there virtually pain free! The second visit I had an in depth consultation along with e-stim and adjustment. She explained what was causing my pain, devised a treatment plan and showed me more things I could do for self care. Dr. Peterson is also conscious of the cost of treatment and offers a discount for those of us who are self pay. I know I can trust her not to pad my treatment plan with unnecessary expense. I am just extraordinary impressed by the amount of personalized time spent with patients and the quality of care you receive at Better Health Chiropractic. So if you are looking for a doctor and want professional, caring people that take the time to personalize your health care- I highly recommend Dr. Peterson and her team. It’s wonderful to be pain free!!


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