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Peter Maus’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

Peter Maus’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

They do a great job in all areas of their practice from my experience. They make sure your not waiting too long in the lobby, they promptly serve you as you move through your appointment, they take an interest in learning about what might be causing your spinal issues and where you feeling pain, and they make sure treatments are suited for your condition and pain tolerance, like the massage treatments and personalized exercise treatments. I’ve been very happy with Better Health since 2008 and they are my preferred choice. Last year, I encouraged my eldest son to see Better Health when he had an issue and he told me he was surprised at how good of an experience he had after visiting Better Health. He now calls Better Health his Chiropractic preference as well. If they have anything they could improve on, it would be consistency with appointment reminder calls. But, I put mine into my phone right away so I really don’t need the reminder call anyway.


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Peter Maus Better ​Health ​South Anchorage Chiropractor December 4, 2017

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