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Stephen Menice’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

Stephen Menice’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

I had been to a foot specialist about 7 months ago and learned that I had severe plantar fasciitis in both my feet. Most likely from the work I was doing at the time without stretching. I would wake up and be unable to walk because of the swelling and pain. The specialist told me that surgery was needed but they could try injections first. I decided to look for other options and thank God I did. Better health set me up with a visit a few times a week for about a month doing adjustments and massaging the effected areas and by the time I have two visits under my belt I was doing better with no swelling and pain went way down. I’m so grateful as my wife and I just took a trip to Seattle and walked long miles to explore the city and woke up the next day with zero pain. They didn’t just help me avoid surgery which would have hurt me financially but they also help my feet heal. The staff is very friendly, small but professional. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s in need of relief or prevention.


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Stephen Menice Better Health South Anchorage Chiropractor December 4, 2017

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