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Teresa Mae Burton’s Facebook Review – Wasilla

Teresa Mae Burton’s Facebook Review – Wasilla

I have suffered from back pain for over ten years I was sure I would need my spine fused. I met with Dr. Woolfenden and he was more in depth and thorough than all the doctors and chiropractors I had ever worked with. He figured out the problem and is very helpful and giving me the tools to live life pain free. Hard to believe that six months ago I would feel paralyzed by pain if I laid down, and I felt pain daily, but now I have more pain free days than not. I was prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers to help me cope. All the other doctors I met with would give me a bandaid but never anything to fix it. All that changed when I went to better health and wellness! Kevin is the massage therapist there and he is really very good. Best massages I have ever had in the valley. Alizabeth at the front desk is always sweet and friendly. They get me in right away and I never have to wait. Fun atmosphere of helpful healing. I am so glad I found them!!!


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Teresa Mae Burton Better Health Wasilla Chiropractor December 28, 2017

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