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Tina Brown’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

Tina Brown’s Google Maps Review – South Anchorage

Better Health Chiropractic and Physical Rehab is a full service chiropractic therapy combined with physical rehab care that Juneau has never seen before. Dr. Jillian Peterson’s knowledge of chiropractic and physical rehab therapy provides a thorough evaluation of the patient needs, including on site x-rays to see the damaged areas, which then allows the Doctor to create an individualized care plan, using advanced chiropractic care and the most technologically advanced treatments including the DRS System which removes pressure from the disc and joints in the lower back, a system that provides traction to stretch and relax muscles for neck, ultra sound deep heat systems, and physical rehab exercises that strengthen your troubled areas, to provide support to maintain your new straight tall body. Oh yes the staff is very friendly and don’t forget you never wait more that 10 minutes. Love this combined chiropractic and physical rehab care, it really makes sense and its what I have been looking for!


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Tina Brown Better Health South Anchorage Chiropractor December 4, 2017

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