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Vivian Mash’s Facebook Review – East Anchorage

Vivian Mash’s Facebook Review – East Anchorage

I’ve been in anchorage for over 9 years. And have been to many chiropractors in town. It wasn’t after finding Better Health that I was completely satisfied not only with the treatments but excellence in customer service. I’ve been going to the East Anchorage’s office and have had nothing but a pleasurable experience. Dr. Vukelich has a very approachable character, and is certainly good in what he does. My in the front has also been great with her constant smiles and greetings. A bigger and cozier office was much needed and it certainly feels a lot welcoming. Minus the pictures in the front. It looks too cramp and crowded. Other than that.. thank you for a great service.


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Vivian Mash Better ​Health ​East Anchorage Chiropractor December 28, 2017

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