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12.21.18 |

Josh Fremin

Josh had been seeking help at another chiropractic facility for his hip and low back pain, but just wasn’t getting the results he was “A significant difference in the care that I was provided with at Better Health as compared to other chiropractic centers, I believe, had to do with the time staff members took to listen to my concerns and feedback,” Josh said.

For about 10 months, Josh had experienced pain in his hips and low back, making his hobbies and daily activities uncomfortable. After receiving chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy and DRS low back pain treatment at Better Health, Josh said he had made a 100 percent improvement. Plus, “they provided me with long-term activities to complete that will help me regulate my own pain and wellness.”

“The staff at Better Health treated me very well throughout my treatment. Staff members listened and adjusted my treatment based on my feedback and progress,” Josh said. “I have recommended Better Health to close friends and co-workers.”