A man jogging.
A man jogging.


Do you suffer from PAINFUL, stiff

Incorporating a variety of techniques, protocols, and therapies, we offer a unique fusion of traditional modern biotechnology, physical therapy, and chiropractic care to treat your knee issues and get you back to living your best possible life.

Does something as simple as getting up out of your chair sound excruciating? Many people, as they age, develop knee problems. Whether caused by osteoarthritis or some other condition, problem knees can severely impact your quality of life. But don’t despair. Here at Better Health Alaska, we’ve developed a proprietary 12 Point Knee Renewal Program that has been designed with people like you in mind.


A man getting his knee treated and checked by a chiropractor.

Your INITIAL Consultation

– In-depth examination that allows us to diagnose your condition. It may tell us why your knee is not functioning or, possibly, not healing properly. From there we can map out and plan your treatment options and build a blueprint for the path ahead.
A patient having ultrasound on their knee while being injected.

A Comprehensive IMAGING Session

– Using X-rays and, if necessary, other imaging technologies (MRIs, diagnostic ultrasound, etc…) we take an internal picture of your knee. This can reveal small details a surface inspection might miss. It gives us a clear picture of the problem area and suggests ways to treat it.

A man writing stuff on his notepad.

Your Complete, Personalized TREATMENT PLAN

– Using the information we’ve obtained from our consultation and our imaging session, we’ll carefully construct a detailed treatment plan tailored for your specific needs. We have a wide array of techniques at our disposal. Here, we decide which ones suit you best.

A person wearing a foot brace.

A Modern Durable TAKE-HOME BRACE: Consultation

– We supply you with a durable take-home brace fashioned with the latest technology to provide you with biomechanical support and alignment. Once you are fitted with the device, we help you retrain your knee joint and the surrounding muscles, so you don’t fall back on old, damaging habits.

A woman getting ultrasound on her knee by a chiropractor.


– Next, we utilize an innovative cutting-edge tissue regeneration technique. We direct a stream of highly pulsed acoustic waves at the knee and the area around it. This non-invasive Next Generation approach helps heal the bones, tissues, and tendons in the knee. It works by activating stem cells, enhancing blood supply, and encouraging overall health.

A knee getting injected with an orange substance.

Our Proprietary REGENERATIVE MEDICINE Protocol

– Incorporating some of the latest advances in natural medicine, this step is designed to regenerate and restore as much of the knee’s natural condition as possible. From there, we can guide the application of bio-technologies such as human cellular tissue implants, PRP injections or even just local anesthetics to make sure the injections go to the right place.


A knee getting injection by a doctor.

Supportive “CUSHIONING” Therapies, such as Hyaluronic Acid injections

– A common cause of pain and dysfunction in the knee is an absence of a protective, “cushioning” gel-like fluid called hyaluronic acid (HA). This material can be replaced with a series of minimally-invasive joint injections. Once injected the HA effectively lubricates the joint and reduces pain.

A chiropractor checking an old man's foot movement.

Our “KNEE RENEWAL Rehab Protocol”

– Next, we incorporate a program consisting of a series of smaller substeps we call our “knee renewal rehab protocol”. These knee-specific movements and exercises run the gamut from simple strengthening exercises to exercises that will reduce pain and improve flexibility.

A chiropractor facilitating foot exercises with rubber bands for a patient.

MANUAL Therapy

– By strategically applying pressure to the muscles and other tissues around the knee, a trained therapist can moderate pain, increase range of motion, reduce inflammation, and help stimulate repair in the knee itself and in those selfsame surrounding tissues.

A x-ray image of a knee highlighted in red.

Knee-On-Trac Knee DECOMPRESSION Therapy

– Knee joint decompression is similar to spinal decompression except that it is applied to the knee and not the spine. By using a traction-like technology, the bones of the knee can be gently distracted and realigned to help restore proper joint alignment and spacing.

A chiropractor checking a patient's knee movement.

Precision CHIROPRACTIC Therapy

– In chiropractic therapy a highly-trained chiropractor can apply pressure with his hands to manipulate the position of critical bones that can remove joint stiffness and help positioning of joints that are out of alignment. This can improve posture and reduce pain. In the case of the knee, the manipulated areas generally include the knee itself, and the low back & pelvis.

A middle aged man jogging, listening to music.


– Of course, once you’ve made your gains, you don’t want to lose them. So, at the end of the Program, we map out an aftercare plan. Generally, this consists of ongoing chiropractic care, physical therapy, and at home exercises as needed. These are incorporated into your daily life to keep your knee healthy and strong.