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05 May 2018
Top 5 Places to Picnic in Anchorage, Alaska

Frolic through summer with plenty of fresh air and sunshine in Anchorage! Bring a meal and make a day of it! Take a

05 May 2018
Get Active in Alaska: How to Enjoy the Top 10 Places

Alaskan weather can present a unique set of challenges for anyone wishing to maintain an active lifestyle. The long summer days provide plenty

21 Apr 2018
What Is Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Understanding what massage therapy refers to will depend somewhat on what part of the world in which you are discussing care. The concept

20 Apr 2018
Which Sleeping Position Is Best for Low Back Pain?

Sleep is supposed to bring our bodies physical and mental restoration. Yet, if we are tossing and turning with pain instead of sleeping,

26 Feb 2018
Healthy Soup Recipes for a Cold Day

Your health matters! When it comes to living healthy, there is one thing that we know for sure – eating adequate portions of

23 Feb 2018
5 Stretches to Ease Your Neck Pain

Neck pain may be the result of an awkward sleeping position, habitual activity, injury, or health issue that needs attention. Working with the