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26 Feb 2018
Healthy Soup Recipes for a Cold Day

Your health matters! When it comes to living healthy, there is one thing that we know for sure – eating adequate portions of

23 Feb 2018
5 Stretches to Ease Your Neck Pain

Neck pain may be the result of an awkward sleeping position, habitual activity, injury, or health issue that needs attention. Working with the

20 Feb 2018
12 Healthy Indoor Activities for Winter

Cabin fever too high? The winter months can bring us to spend less time outdoors, often decreasing physical activity. Remaining stuffed up indoors

17 Feb 2018
What are the Different Types of Bursitis?

What is Bursitis? Bursitis is an agonizing condition that affects the bursae (small, fluid-filled sacs that cushions muscles, tendons and bones near joints).

16 Feb 2018
Fibromyalgia: What Causes This Condition?

What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia (FM) is a condition that increases sensitivity to pain. It causes extensive body pain among other problems, including: anxiety,

15 Feb 2018
Diagnosing and Treating Disc Problems for a Healthy Spine

As a community of active, working individuals, injuries to discs in the spine are bound to occur. It is not uncommon for hard