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Friendly Local Alaska Chiropractors with 4 locations – Midtown/South & East Anchorage, Juneau, & Wasilla!

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Our Locations

Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab opened our first clinic in East Anchorage as Better Health Pain & Wellness Centers in the summer of 1998, and since have opened 3 more clinics in Midtown/South Anchorage, Juneau & Now Wasilla!! If you’re searching for a, “chiropractor near me” or just a friendly Alaska chiropractor, we cordially invite you to call or stop by any of our convenient locations.

South Anchorage

  • Hours/Schedule: M-F 9AM - 7PM
  • Phone: 907-346-5255
  • Fax: 907-346-5256
  • Address: 8840 Old Seward Hwy., Suite E, Anchorage, AK 99515 (in the South Anchorage Retail Plaza, near Walmart, south of the Dimond Center)

North/East Anchorage

  • Hours/Schedule: M-F 9AM - 7PM
  • Phone: (New Patients): 877-346-5255
  • Fax: 907-258-5256
  • Address: 725 Northway Dr., Anchorage, AK 99508 (near the Northway Mall, north of the U.S. Post Office and Anchorage Daily News)


  • Hours/Schedule: M-F 9AM - 7PM
  • Phone: (New Patients): 877-346-5255
  • Fax: 907-796-3334
  • Address: 2201 Dunn Street, #2, Juneau, Alaska 99801 (across from the frontier suites)


  • Hours/Schedule: M-F 9AM - 7PM
  • Phone: (New Patients): 877-346-5255
  • Fax: 907-631-5905
  • Address: 1301 South Seward Meridian Parkway, G, Wasilla, Alaska 99654 (across from Walmart)

Chiropractic Care

Alaska chiropractic care. Get professional, drug-free, and effective chiropractic care to correct misalignments, relieve pressure from vertebrae/discs, & reduce pain and inflammation. Help your body heal itself naturally with chiropractic …

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Rehabilitative Therapy

Get effective Alaska physical rehabilitation therapy & physical therapy programs for posture improvements, daily activities suggestions, address chronic pain issues, at one of four Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab …

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DRS System & Low Back Pain Treatment

Get highly-effective lower back pain treatment through the DRS system, FDA approved since the 90’s and introduced to Alaska by Better Health Chiropractic in 2001. The DRS system uses a …

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The Alaska Back Pain Protocol

Developed with the help of 7,000+ patients in Alaska dealing with back pain. Developed over nearly 15 years, the approach is personalized and combines professional non-surgical chiropractic care, physical therapy, …

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Physical Therapy Modalities/Physiotherapy

Better Health’s Alaska chiropractors use physical therapy modalities & rehabilitation therapy in Anchorage, Juneau & Wasilla to treat – as well as prevent – injuries, disabilities and pain problems. Using …

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Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy at Anchorage, Juneau & Wasilla are medically-prescribed and physician-supervised to restore mobility, lessen pain, and increase vitality at any Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab clinic. Serving …

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Conditions We Commonly Treat

Effective care for Alaskans in pain.

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Better Health Alaska chiropractic clinics are fully outfitted with both cutting-edge technology and conventional tools to offer a wide variety of treatments. From common issues like back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain, to sports injuries, disc problems, sciatica, whiplash, work-related injuries and more. If you’re curious about your specific condition, don’t hesitate to call!

Insurance Coverage- We Accept Hundreds!

We work with almost all insurance companies, including the most common ones listed for Private Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Auto Insurance. Auto & Worker’s Compensation are usually covered at 100%! Our list may not include yours. If you don’t see your insurance company, please use our Contact Us page, click the button below to have us check your coverage for you, or call 877-346-5255.

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Why Choose Us?

Before 2006, no Alaska doctors guaranteed their services, so we did. Why? We put our patient’s needs first, remove risk, and focus on what’s important. Humbly, our proudest benefits are:

Patient Reviews & Success Stories

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I have a rare condition that leaves me in pain constantly. Dr. Vukelich not only knew about it, he has given me my first almost pain-free days ever! And I’m only in my second week! He and his team at the Northway office are spectacular!


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Michelle Barry Better Health East Anchorage Chiropractor December 28, 2017

default image

I’ve been in anchorage for over 9 years. And have been to many chiropractors in town. It wasn’t after finding Better Health that I was completely satisfied not only with the treatments but excellence in customer service. I’ve been going to the East Anchorage’s office and have had nothing but a pleasurable experience. Dr. Vukelich has a very approachable character, and is certainly good in what he does. My in the front has also been great with her constant smiles and greetings. A bigger and cozier office was much needed and it certainly feels a lot welcoming. Minus the pictures in the front. It looks too cramp and crowded. Other than that.. thank you for a great service.


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Vivian Mash Better ​Health ​East Anchorage Chiropractor December 28, 2017

default image

I have had chronic back pain for many years and have been treated by chiropractors and physical therapists for acute episodes. The system used by Better Health combines the different modalities in their treatment/rehab program. I am very pleased with the care offered at the Juneau office. The staff are all friendly and care about you as an individual, addressing your individual situation. I am making progress and anticipate a good long term outcome.


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Wilma Cooper Better Health Juneau Chiropractor December 28, 2017

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Our History

Providing Alaskans with pain-relief for almost 20 years!

Founder Dr. Brent Wells opened the doors of Better Health in 1998, after seeing the need for a multidisciplinary clinic where Alaskans could receive a full range of effective, conservative treatments from experienced, friendly staff in a comfortable, compassionate environment. Since then, we’ve grown through helping thousands of Alaskans without invasive surgical procedures.

Chiropractor Blog

Chiropractor Blog

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