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Developed and Tested with 6,000+ Patients

Listen below as Dr. Brent Wells discusses the cause of most low back pain, the five most common treatments for low back pain, and The Alaska Back Pain Protocol (ABPP), the unique strategy to treating low back pain that produces long-term, synergistic results!

Back pain can be a complex issue, and finding effective, long-lasting relief can seem impossible to the millions plagued with this condition. Offering hope and healing to back pain sufferers is our goal at Better Health Chiropractic and was our motivation for developing the Alaska Back Pain Protocol.

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol is a truly unique approach to treating back pain. While some providers may use a single type of treatment or try to mask symptoms with medication, the Alaska Back Pain Protocol combines three proven therapies – chiropractic care, the DRS System, and rehabilitative therapy – into one comprehensive treatment plan.

Using this carefully developed and highly effective protocol, Better Health Chiropractic has successfully helped thousands of Alaskans overcome their back pain and return to their active, pain-free lifestyles while avoiding addictive medications or invasive surgeries. Read some of our success stories »

What Is the Alaska Back Pain Protocol?

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol is so successful because it incorporates benefits from three proven therapies into one comprehensive treatment plan:

Chiropractic Care

Regular chiropractic care can slow, stop, and even reverse many health problems. Gentle and non-invasive, the effects of chiropractic care are also long-lasting. By restoring proper position, motion, and nerve …

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DRS System & Low Back Pain Treatment

Introduced to Alaska by Better Health Chiropractic in 2001, this non-surgical form of disc decompression therapy uses a traction device to remove pressure from the discs and joints in the …

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Rehabilitative Therapy

This modality treats and can also prevent injuries, disabilities, and diseases. Using hands-on, non-invasive techniques and exercises, our rehabilitative therapists can effectively reduce pain, improve mobility, and speed up the physical …

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At Better Health Chiropractic, we offer all of these treatments under one roof, making your care convenient and efficient. That – combined with our highly qualified chiropractors, friendly and competent staff, in-house insurance billing, locations in Anchorage, Juneau, and Wasilla, extended hours, and Better Health Promises – has earned us the reputation as one of Alaska’s leading chiropractic and physical rehab clinics.

chiropractic success storiesThe team at Better Health is top-notch! Through comprehensive treatment, thorough explanation of procedures, and attention to detail, this group of professionals has taken such great care of me. I feel lucky to be a patient at this practice, and I highly recommend Better Health to anyone willing to take an active role in their health management.”

chiropractic-success-story-matt-dillon~ Matthew Dillon

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