Is it Safe to Get a Massage While Pregnant?

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Is it OK to get a massage while pregnant?

Is it Safe to Get a Massage While Pregnant?

As you may or may not be aware we offer massage therapy for our patients. I’m often asked if massage therapy is safe for someone who is pregnant. My response is always an enthusiastic, “Under the right conditions, it is absolutely safe!”

Prenatal massage therapy is a wonderful compliment to your prenatal routines during pregnancy. It has many benefits for the mother which, in turn, benefit the baby as well. You will need to make sure that you stay aware of a couple of key points while getting a massage, however. For instance, make sure you use a sideline body positioning with a lot of additional cushioning. This will help keep you comfortable and hold your body in a supportive position, so as not to cause any additional tension or stress on your body or the baby.

Massage therapy has many benefits when you are pregnant. Actually, they are very similar to the benefits of a therapeutic massage when you are not pregnant. It helps to naturally relieve stress and aching joints, and it also increases blood and lymph node circulation. It also will greatly reduce back and neck pain or stiffness, leg cramps, headaches, and swelling throughout the body. This all leads to relaxation of the body. This can also help the woman deal with depression and anxiety from all the hormonal changes her body is experiencing. This all leads to more restful, invigorating sleep.

Women who have a low-risk pregnancy should feel comfortable with scheduling a massage for herself. A woman who is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, however, needs to consult her physician or mid-wife before scheduling a massage session. In both cases, if you experiencing any pain or discomfort during your massage, you should inform your massage therapist immediately, so proper adjustments can be made.

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