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Dr. Brent Wells, D.C.

I will never forget the day I first mentioned moving from sunny California to Alaska to start a physical medicine practice. My wife gave me such a strange look! She thought I had gone mad. But the draw to Alaska was strong, however, just as strong as our desire to create a practice that was the exact opposite of my own personal experience in a doctor’s waiting room, where I was greeted by gruff employees and waited for an hour before seeing a doctor who didn’t appear to hear – or care about – anything I said.

That experience lit my desire to create a practice that would be completely centered on the patient. A clinic that was comfortable, where we would offer care that was convenient, personalized, effective, and a good value. I wanted our patients to trust us, and believe we were truly committed to their care. But most of all, I wanted them to feel hope. I hope that transformation was possible, and that they would experience real relief, long-lasting results, and improved quality of life.

Although we are still working on our commitment to ongoing growth and improvement, I believe we have accomplished what we had originally set out to do. We have created a multi-disciplinary clinic, where we utilize a team approach to provide a full range of effective, conservative treatments, including chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy, and massage therapy, as well as other complementary therapies.

As the founder and a chiropractor of Better Health Chiropractic Anchorage and Better Health Chiropractic Juneau, my plan is to have an innovative clinic and Alaska’s exclusive provider of advanced chiropractic treatments, such as the Decompression Reduction Stabilization (DRS) therapy for low back pain. We offer same-day appointments, a 10-minute wait guarantee, and a first visit guarantee. We offer our patients research-based wellness education programs to help them understand and care for their bodies better. When necessary, we provide quick, easy, appropriate referrals to specialists outside our own areas of expertise.

But perhaps most importantly, we have made real differences in the lives of thousands of Alaskans, who have successfully addressed their pain and spine-related conditions without addictive drugs or invasive surgeries. I invite you to read some of our success stories – I hope you find them as exciting, heart-warming, and inspiring as I do.

There are now other chiropractic clinics in Alaska, so we are very aware that you have a choice but knowing this only strengthens our determination to be the best. Why should you choose Better Health Chiropractic? You can read all the reasons here.

Dr. Brent Wells - Anchorage Chiropractor

Professional Activities

I continue my education with ongoing studies in spine conditions, neurology, physical rehabilitation, biomechanics, whiplash and brain injury trauma. I am also a member of the American Chiropractic Association and the American Academy of Spine Physician.  I also happen to be a prolific writer and enjoy reaching out to others beyond my clients and practice, to inform others who may not be aware of the pain relief and benefits that comprehensive chiropractic care and massage can bring to their lives. My articles have been featured on numerous other sites, including Dr. AxeOrganic NewsroomLifehackWomen’s Health and FitnessDr. JockersMassage TodayThe Daily Meditation, and many, many more.

Personal & Educational Background

I spent most of my childhood in Orange and Riverside Counties in California. In 1993, I received my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nevada. That is also where I met my wonderful wife, Coni, and we’ve been married for more than two decades.

After graduation, we moved to Portland, Oregon, where I attended Western States Chiropractic College. After I received my doctorate, we moved to Anchorage, where we founded Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab in 1998. You can read more about our company history here.

Family & Hobbies

Today, Coni and I have three fun-loving, enthusiastic children: our oldest daughter, Naomi, and our twins, Claire and Colton.

I enjoy caring for my patients, spending time with family and friends, reading, exercise, rollerblading, playing blues and rock guitar, hiking, biking and golfing. I also volunteer for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation, and we support many charities both personally and professionally.

Contact Me

If you are in pain, I invite you to contact one of our three Better Health Chiropractic clinic locations. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to discuss your condition and possible treatment options. Together, we look forward to helping you get back to your active, pain-free life!

Dr. Brent Wells, Chiropractor
Dr. Brent Wells, D.C.
Founder of Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab
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