I have been asked, on more than one occasion, if there are any homeopathic remedies for many of the hormonal imbalances experienced by women. In short, yes, there are homeopathic treatments for everything menopausal–headaches, emotional sensitivity, crying spells, angry outbursts, hot flashes, etc. In addition, many other hormonally influenced problems such as joint pain or gastrointestinal problems may be treated through homeopathy. For just about every type of ache or pain, women can find a natural alternative to help them feel better.

In truth, there are so many homeopathic remedies available, it is amazing there are still so many women suffering from hormonal issues! Let’s talk about what might be done for two common problems—headache and menstrual issues.

Headaches seem to come out of nowhere at times, so what are women supposed to do to help them go away? Try this. If you get a headache that hits you like a Mack truck, especially right around your forehead, try taking some Belladonna. This has long been known to take the edge off headaches in just minutes. If your headache is mainly on the right, try some Sanguinaria Canadensis. If you happen to get one of the splitting types of headache that focuses on the left side of your head, try some Spigelia. Both of these are known to take a headache away nearly as quickly as it came on.

Menstrual issues are often overlooked as something women just have to deal with. This is sometimes true, but there may be a way to make it a bit more bearable. If you are experiencing severe pain from cramps or an extra heavy flow, then you could try a little bit of Gloninum. This is said to help take care of both issues when taken at the onset of symptoms.

As always, you must make sure your doctor agrees with you when trying an alternative form of medication. If he or she agrees, and the alternative helps, it may save you quite a bit of pain and suffering in the end.

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