When we first moved to Alaska to open our practice, we wanted to create a positive, hopeful experience for our patients. But, that wasn’t all that was important to us. We also wanted to create a pleasant, positive, peaceful working environment for our co-workers. We’ve all worked in places that weren’t exactly pleasant, and we wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Most people take for granted the simple perfection that can stem from a peaceful work environment. A workplace that is free of inter-office politics and the never ending struggle to one-up your co-workers. While these types of environments can be productive in select circumstances, they generally end up becoming more destructive and inhibit an employee’s ability to focus and complete tasks in a timely manner.

If you find that your office is a chaotic nightmare and want to find ways to settle into a more peaceful groove, we have a few suggestions you may find helpful.

Instead of lingering around the water cooler and listening in on some of the juicy office gossip, talk about something outside of work or stay at your desk and focus on your work. If you have the ability to play some soft music in the background, then do so. This will help cut down those distracting noises that randomly occur; those noises that can break your focus and concentration. Ideally, you want instrumental music, as the office is not usually an appropriate place to sing along. In short, changes to your work environment start with you, and the things you choose to do.

These simple tips can help to increase your focus and concentration levels. This, in turn, will also improve the quality of work that is produced. Improved work quality has obvious benefits, such as recognition, praise, and financial benefits. This will also remove a lot of work related stress, as you will find you have more than enough time to complete most tasks, which will help to improve your confidence levels and overall attitude when you are at work.

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