9 Signs You Need Chiropractic Massage Therapy


Stopping to take care of ourselves is sometimes the last thing that we want to do when life is busy. However, preventing health concerns can help keep us going. We add to our efficiency when our bodies are working as they were meant to operate. A number of reasons may bring us to want to consider chiropractic massage therapy.

When pain makes its way to the forefront of what we are doing we often are forced to take time and address the issue. Perhaps avoiding pain and keeping the body happy is your goal. Chiropractic physicians are trained to work with the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems. This means that they retain knowledge of how those systems were designed and how they are meant to work.

Patients sometimes wonder if they need a chiropractor or a massage therapist. Why not work with both? Does this mean that you would need to bounce from one facility to another? Nope.

Chiropractic massage therapy incorporates spinal care right into your massage. Your muscles can say thank you while your spine echoes in gratitude!

How Can I Tell If I Need Chiropractic Massage Therapy?

Perhaps you have no idea if a chiropractic massage will be relevant to your situation. Maybe you have never heard of chiropractic massage therapy and didn’t know it had made it this far north into Alaska. Modern medicine has brought us new and wonderful knowledge about caring for the human body.

Chiropractic massage works in a holistic manner to bring restoration and healing to the body. Working to reunite the muscles and joints within their own original mechanisms does not have to involve the surgery ward. Joint care combined with care of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and brain is at the core of chiropractic care treatments. Here are a few things to consider as you learn what about your specific condition.

1) You Have Experienced an Injury

If you have suffered an injury, chiropractic massage treatments can help to improve recovery times. Injuries are painful. Minimizing the pain that we feel as we recover can be a tremendous benefit. When pain from an injury is present we often look to minimize how much of it that we feel while we are healing.

Minimizing pain that has arisen due to an injury will vary depending on the injury and the patient. However, working in this direction can help us to increase the effectiveness of the recovery process. Helping the body to heal itself is what chiropractic care is designed to do. When less pain is felt as we heal, the more likely that we will be effective with physical therapy activities and other healing tasks.

2) You Are Looking to Minimize Degenerative Conditions

From the moment that we are born, we are all subject to aging bodies. Yet, we can work to prevent degeneration of the joints and spine. Chiropractic treatments slow the natural process that occurs in the body as we live, work, and play.

Most of us use our skeletal system regularly. Therefore, our muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments are subject to wear. Chiropractic massage helps us to offer kind respite for the parts of us that keep us going through all that life brings to us. Time spent aligning our joints through chiropractic treatments can help our skeletal system to work for us longer and better – and with less pain.

Helping the muscles work along with their counterparts in the body can help slow the process of degeneration. The spine is a major pathway for communication throughout the body. Chiropractic massage treatments help to serve as small, gentle reminders of how the body is meant to work together. Care that is methodical and measured can dramatically affect the manner in which the body responds to itself.

3) You Have Experienced a Loss of Mobility or Flexibility

Chiropractic care works to help restore mobility and flexibility by working individually with each joint. Care is given to provide intentional movements within each joint to improve alignment. Tendons and ligaments sometimes become tight as they try to keep the bones where they are meant to stay. This can cause us to lose flexibility and impede how well we move.

Chiropractic massage therapy brings direct care to the joints while providing care for the associated muscles. From this, the muscles learn how they may better interact with the connective tissues that make up how our bodies link themselves together. Caring for muscles and joints in a collective fashion adds immense health benefits for our bodies as they work to function for us as a whole.

4) You Have Unexplained Pain

If you are in pain, you are a top candidate for chiropractic massage therapy. Musculoskeletal pain is not a fun thing for anyone to experience. Add in the ailments that our human bodies develop and you have a script for serious pain conditions to stay around longer than desired.

Spinal adjustments coupled with a spine oriented massage offers patients an enhanced method for helping the body to eliminate its need to send those nasty pain signals. We do not like such signals, but they are designed to tell us that something in the body needs attention. Chiropractic massage works to locate and eliminate any underlying conditions that cause pain signals to flair. As the conditions that rest far under the surface of our bodies come under control, the need for the body to alert us that something is not quite right diminishes.

When something is not functioning as intended in the body, the brain sends signals telling us where to place the attention for recovery. Chiropractic massage works to remove the body’s need to send these signals by helping to better align the smaller bits of the body. Finding your road to a pain-free lifestyle may bring you to want chiropractic treatments.

5) You Have a Chronic Pain Condition

Chronic pain can develop out of a pain condition that did not heal well. Those pain signals never did get quite the right message and they think there is still something to fix. However, sometimes an injury or ailment has already subsided.

So, why does our body still think it needs to tell us there is something not right? Well, as any communication central facility, sometimes things just get a bit messed up. The body may have become so accustomed to sending such messages that even once the condition has diminished, the instructions are still in place for the messages to be sent.

Therefore, we find ourselves still experiencing pain long after the injury or reason for pain has departed. So, what can be done? Chiropractic treatments are at the heart of this answer: Help the brain and body work together through efficient communication through joint synapses, muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

This is what chiropractic does. It brings the portions of the body together that have forgotten to work together as a unit. Once the communication highways are in better condition (by working to better align joints) the body can begin to recognize that the reason signals were being sent has long since been removed or greatly diminished. Chronic pain can be a sign that you need to see a chiropractor for care.

Of course, it is also possible that the pain is chronic because your body still retains the underlying condition that is causing pain. It may be difficult for you to fully know whether or not this is the case. However, working to find the cause also makes it far easier to eliminate the pain. Here are a few chronic pain conditions that are known to benefit from chiropractic massage therapy:

6) You Have Neck Pain

The neck is an integral part of how our bodies operate. Without it, the head would have no way to hold onto the rest of us. It holds the equivalent of a bowling ball all day – every day everywhere it goes.

That ten or eleven-pound weight is constantly bending, twisting, nodding, and laughing. This can bring strain to the muscles and joints that connect it to the neck and shoulders. Here are a few conditions that may result in neck pain:

Hence, caring for those muscles and joints becomes something that we should consider. These are all signs you need to see a chiropractor for treatment in order to help your body heal. Chiropractic massage therapy for the neck is a wonderful option for helping the neck muscles to relax and regain their power for keeping us going.

7) You Want to See How Chiropractic Massage Can Enhance Your Current Care Benefits

Perhaps you are already receiving chiropractic care and are just curious. Go for it! Many patients love to receive a massage just following their chiropractic adjustments. This is great for further promoting the body’s ability to work through the process of joint alignment.

A spinal adjustment offers joint care and a massage helps the muscles associated with those joints to recognize their relationship with each joint.  As proper alignment is restored, greater and greater communication is developed between that joint, the brain, and the rest of the body.

8) Chiropractic Has Been Prescribed by a Health Provider

Chiropractic massage is a wonderful addition to almost every restoration plan that can be developed. General practice, orthopedic, and other physicians may prescribe certain types of care to further help patients recover. This is because they recognize the power of chiropractic care.

Maybe a provider has prescribed you to receive a massage and you are not sure what type will most benefit you. Consider trying chiropractic massage therapy near you and see what you think. Chiropractic care can offer you the added benefit that your body needs to recover, heal, and fight ailments that bring you discomfort or difficulty.

Chiropractic massage may be prescribed if you are suffering from migraine pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, shoulder pain, and dozens of other conditions. Treating the ailment that you wish to address through direct care to the spine, muscles, and joints can help chronic conditions to improve. Over time the effects of some conditions can be eliminated or managed, allowing you to enjoy your days more freely, in a pain-free manner.

9) You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy is rough on the body. It is especially rough of the spine. As your little bundle grows, your spine and back muscles begin to take on the differences that your body encounters. Chiropractic massage is an excellent tool to help keep the spine happy and healthy throughout pregnancy.

Your body is working hard to grow a new human being. Help it out with a bit of chiropractic love and enjoy that creature as it grows. Chiropractic massages is a wonderful way to progress through those long months of spine twisting days as you await your new little person’s arrival.

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