Chiropractic Care Just Got More Affordable with Competitive Health Insurance

No one should be worried about going bankrupt from medical bills. Unfortunately, many people have experienced this very tragedy. But recent changes to federal laws can help remedy this situation.

The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, which became law in January 2021, removes exemptions that health insurance companies have enjoyed since 1945. By leveling the health insurance playing field, this law will likely make insurance coverage for chiropractic care (and other health care) much more affordable.

How The New Law Affects Chiropractic Insurance

About 75 years ago, the McCarran-Ferguson Act was passed and became law. Essentially, what this law did was exempt health insurance companies from the federal antitrust laws that prevented other industries from price gouging, price fixing, and market allocation.

When different companies in an industry are allowed to discuss and agree to certain pricing in certain areas, they can put an unfair burden on the consumer by essentially controlling the entire market.

Experts think that, since health, dental, and vision insurance companies were exempt from this kind of regulation, their markets have become less competitive. This is why, experts believe, insurance premiums have skyrocketed.

This new law aims to level the playing field by removing those antitrust exemptions and allowing these insurance markets to become competitive again. Ultimately, this is designed to make health insurance more affordable for the consumer and to bring transparency to the industry.

Although most insurance companies already pay for most or all chiropractic care, the premiums should become more affordable. This will make chiropractic care more accessible to more Americans.

Better Health Chiropractic Accepts Most Insurance Plans

But what if you’re not sure whether we accept your insurance at our clinics? Well, you can check your coverage here. By following that link and filling out a little bit about your insurance, you can see whether we accept your insurance. Luckily, we accept the vast majority of insurance companies in Alaska.

Chiropractic Care is Affordable In Our Clinics – Some Copays as Little as $25 per visit and even $0 in Some Cases

At Better Health Chiropractic, we make sure to keep our services affordable. Many insurance companies provide little to no copay. Many of our patients enjoy a $0 copay for every visit. Others only have to pay as little as $25 to access the powerful benefits of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

If you’re not sure whether your insurance will cover your visit, or you don’t have your plan information handy, you can look at a list of insurance companies covering our chiropractic services.

And, even if your plan doesn’t cover chiropractic specifically, we may still be able to provide you with care, provided you have physical therapy coverage.

But what if you don’t see your insurance company listed, or you don’t have health insurance? We’ve got you covered.

Chiropractic Care Without Insurance

We like to keep our chiropractic care affordable, which is why we offer several ways to get you the help you need even if you don’t have insurance. We know that it can be frightening to be in pain, unable to work, and unsure about your situation. Not having insurance only makes the stress worse.

Luckily, we offer extended payment plans so you don’t have to worry about paying anything all at once. We try to tailor our services to every individual’s situation, helping you get the care you need. Our affordable prices, combined with our payment plans should be able to help you get healthy and hale again.

The Power of Preventative Care

It’s no secret that preventative care is the best form of healthcare there is. Preventative care helps you stay healthy so that you don’t have to foot the bill for expensive healthcare. It’s much cheaper, more effective, and a better way to live.

But many people don’t realize how powerful chiropractic care can be as preventative care. How it can help to slow, and in some cases, stop the aging of joints- their degeneration and loss of flexibility. In most people’s cases, it will bring it back.

Chiropractors are very uniquely suited to help you get and stay healthy. They offer treatments that pertain to nearly every aspect of the body. From posture to digestion to stress and nutrition, chiropractors focus much on the nervous system, which affects nearly every part of the body.

So whether you are experiencing back pain, stiff joints, strained/tight muscles, or just want to get and stay healthy in general, a doctor of chiropractic can definitely help. And with the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act, chiropractic care just got more affordable. And at Better Health Chiropractic, it’s not just chiropractic- we offer chiropractic care, physical therapy modalities, and massage therapy- all in one place.

Give us a call or visit one of our offices today to experience the power of safe, non-invasive treatment.

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If you are from Alaska, get Dr. Wells' latest health advice and a free massage certificate. Sign up now!

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