We’re located east of the Walmart Supercenter, just south of the Dimond Center across 88th Ave. off Old Seward Hwy. We share a building with BTY Dental and Play It Again Sports. They’re great neighbors!


FREE 3 One-Hour Massage Certificates

That’s right! Receive 3 certificates for a free one-hour massage with our highly-trained and licensed massage therapists for use after your first appointment. Use them yourself, or give them to a friend.

Along with our flagship clinic in North Anchorage, the decision to build a second clinic off Old Seward Hwy. to the south was really decided by the community. Some of our elderly patients needed a more convenient location, as did people with long work commutes.

Resident Chiropractors

Our Anchorage chiropractic doctors are both attentive and highly trained in advanced techniques and procedures. Most importantly, each of our chiropractors is here because they care about you!

We employ only top level doctors in order to provide you with the greatest level of care that is medically possible. We take the time to help individual clients reduce pain, improve conditioning, and increase overall health and wellness. We listen to what you are not sure how to say!

Providing effective, holistic care of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems is the goal of our chiropractic physicians. If you are looking for a trusted chiropractor in Anchorage, meet Dr. Brent Wells and Dr. Nicholas McCarty!

Anchorage Chiropractor Dr. Brent Wells

Dr. Brent Wells

Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. founded Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab with his amazing wife Coni in 1998. He received his B.S. from the University of Nevada (where they met), and his doctorate from the Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. When he isn’t with his family, building his ongoing professional education, or helping folks at the clinic, he’s either doing something community-centered or playing blues/rock guitar.

Dr. Nicholas McCarty

Dr. Nicholas McCarty

Hailing from Plainfield, Indiana, Dr. Nicholas McCarty, D.C. got his core education through an undergraduate program in Columbia, Missouri and Logan University. Since then he has taught anatomy & physiology to nursing students for years and been an integral part of the Better Health Chiropractic family here in Alaska. When he isn’t in the clinic or with his significant other (they met in grad school), he’s either playing with his dogs or restoring old American motor cars (a 69 Rambler and a 76 Gremlin are two examples).

Meet the Team

Allison M.

Lead Patient Care Coordinator, South Anchorage Clinic

Anna S.

Therapy Aide, South Anchorage Clinic

Rosalie J.

Lead Massage Therapist, South Anchorage Office

Stephanie S.

Billing Manager, Administration

Chelsea E.

Patient Care Coordinator, North Anchorage Clinic

Joshua B.

Massage Therapist, South Anchorage Clinic

Randy T.

Therapy Aide, North Anchorage Office


Therapy Aide, South Anchorage Office

Visit Meet Our Anchorage Clinic Team page and get to know more about us.

Chiropractic Services

Whether you visit our clinic in Wasilla, Juneau, or either Anchorage location, you’ll find we’re prepared to design a cutting-edge treatment program for you that incorporates elements of chiropractic care, chiropractic massage therapy, and physical rehabilitation. Click any section below to learn more about our specific chiropractic treatments.

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol offers a unique strategy for treating low back pain that produces long-term synergistic results! Chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation therapy, and massage therapy are often combined to further increase the effectiveness of each procedure for our back pain patients in Anchorage.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic care in Anchorage focuses on correcting misalignments, relieving pressure from the vertebrae in the spine and neck while reducing pain and inflammation. This helps the body to heal naturally. Chiropractic adjustments use gentle force on affected area(s) restoring proper position, range of motion, and nerve function. The result is uninterrupted nerve activity and improved nutrient and water transportation throughout the body.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is a specialized method of health care that focuses on restoring strength, flexibility, and mobility. Healing and strengthening of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints are the goals of physical rehabilitation in Anchorage. Strength building exercises and stretches are coupled with at-home and in-office therapies to foster the speed of healing.

Physical Therapy Modalities

Our physical therapy modalities are chosen by the needs of each patient. Ultrasound, currents, and traction may be utilized according to your needs. Our physical therapy modalities technicians in Anchorage are fully equipped and trained with the most advanced technologies possible.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy incorporates direct attention and care of the spine, muscles, and central nervous system. Our Anchorage massage therapists are certified and highly trained. We only choose from select massage therapy academies. Decreasing pain levels, lowering stress and inflammation, as well as reducing discomfort are the focus of massage therapy in Anchorage. Massage treatments under the care of a chiropractic doctor bring direct care of the spine to the techniques chosen. This increases the natural benefits of each treatment through holistic care to the communication systems in the body.

DRS System & Low Back Pain Treatment

The DRS System is a form of disc decompression therapy in Anchorage that offers relief to back pain sufferers. A series of 30-minute sessions that offers an effective alternative to spinal surgery for patients seeking relief from back pain. This advanced spinal decompression therapy retains an incredibly high level of success against back pain.

Conditions Treated

In Anchorage, we know how to work hard and get out and play hard! Right? Since 1998 Better Health Chiropractic has introduced innovative new pain relief solutions, designed the Alaska Back Pain Protocol, and helped people with a huge list of conditions, both common and uncommon. Click on any icon below or head to our general Conditions Treated by Chiropractors page to learn more.

Why Us?

Anchorage supports a vibrant community of chiropractors, massage professionals, and rehabilitation therapists. Better Health Chiropractic welcomes clients with friendly staff members, amazing doctors, and multiple treatment options. Convenience and pain relief!

We get results for Alaskans – Less pain, more mobility –
Back to what you love.

Over 15,000 Alaskans have chosen Better Health since 1998.

Better Health Chiropractic in Anchorage Promises

We were the first doctors in Alaska to offer patient service guarantees. Experience the Better Health difference!

  • First Visit Promise ensures you will be 100% satisfied with your care or you will be refunded!
  • 10-Minute Promise means you will be seen in a timely fashion or else your appointment is free!
  • Same Day Promise guarantees you will be seen on the same day you call for an appointment.
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Need our Get a Ride Promise in Anchorage?

Don’t risk missing your appointments because your car is in the shop. Not comfortable driving in adverse weather conditions? Let Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab help get you to and from your appointment without any cost to you.

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Patients Served

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Conditions Treated

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Over the last 20 years Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab has been privileged to touch the lives of many thousands of families in Alaska. To see what kinds of impacts we’ve made, feel free to browse our 200+ patient reviews and testimonials.

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Schedule an Appointment, Receive 3 One-Hour Massage Certificates!

That’s right! Receive 3 certificates for a free one-hour massage with one of our highly-trained, professional, and licensed massage therapists for use after your first appointment. You can use them yourself, or give them to one of your family or friends for them to use!