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What Does a Chiropractor Do for Lower Back Pain?

What Does a Chiropractor Do for Lower Back Pain?
Back pain sufferers may feel the effects of their condition in almost every action they wish to accomplish. Walking, standing, bending, and reaching can all bring moments filled with pain when conditions in the body are not ideal. Reality quickly sets in when regular daily activities become feats to be handled through the pain. Pain that may actually be unnecessary.

Chiropractic treatment for back pain offers pain sufferers options for care that may be found as a great benefit toward healing and pain relief. Low back pain does not have to remain at the forefront of every thought. Find out how visiting a chiropractic center for lower back pain can help you navigate your situation.

Does Chiropractic Work for Lower Back Pain?

Yes! Pain can be minimized or even eliminated. It is not uncommon for clients to notice a significant difference within the first treatment! Continued pain relief is then gained as care progress, further removing the cause of lower back pain for patients.

Chiropractic works by treating any underlying causes of pain that clients experience. Treatments work to reverse the effects of existing pain, relieve pressure in the body, and prevent new pain conditions. Taking an honest look at what may be causing pain is the first step to choosing the best options for healing that can be made available.

The lower back is a key component of the body. If something is amiss, other portions of the body are likely to begin responding as they attempt to help the body compensate for the malady. Chiropractic care works to promote healing in the body as a unit.

It is beneficial to provide healing from within the body’s own natural mechanisms. This is what chiropractic does. It works by reminding the body of its own innate ability for healing.

The human body is an amazingly complex and intricate series of joints, nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. A misaligned spine can cause pain and other physical problems. Chiropractic focuses on ensuring that each of these mechanisms remains properly cared for in its intended place in the body. The pain that we feel will involve one or more of these human bits.

One portion may only be slightly stretched, or otherwise altered. Chiropractic works to restore these mechanized bits before additional damage occurs. When significant damage has occurred in some manner, chiropractic works by caring for the body with small and gentle steps for healing. Lower back pain treatments may be combined with decompression and physical rehabilitation modalities for increased results.

While many pain sufferers will often be fully relieved of their pain during chiropractic treatments, there will be times when completely eliminating pain is not medically possible – yet. As technology advances, so do our options as humans for repairing and healing from more and more ailments.

If eliminating all pain is not possible, a focus will be placed on reducing pain and managing conditions for the full benefit of the patient. Results do vary based on each patient’s medical situation and needs. Comprehensive treatment plans can be put in place to provide patients with all that may be needed for the highest quality of life that is medically possible.

Determining the Cause of Pain Comes First

The lower back also may be recognized as the lumbar area that helps to support the torso of the body. The sacral spine, existing of the sacrum bone and connecting to the pelvis, is just below the lumbar area. Since the lumbar area and sacral spine represent neighboring portions of the back, they can sometimes ‘share’ pain with one another.

It can sometimes be difficult for pain sufferers to determine in which portion the pain may originate. Pain that originates in the back often radiates through the limbs. This is because the nerves that connect the body together are sending signals that something needs care.

Diagnosing the cause of pain is first on the list of things to work toward for healing. This will mean discussing your condition thoroughly with your chiropractic physician. Simple physical examinations include reviewing the range of motion, discussing pain symptoms, and consideration for any underlying causes of pain.

It is especially important for you to see a chiropractor if you have back pain and fever.

X-rays may be taken that are designed to focus on smaller portions of the body. This helps to provide a more detailed view of any problems that may not be visible to the human eye. Individual vertebrae can be studied for maladies that may require treatment.

This information is then combined to provide a diagnosis. From this, treatment plans are compiled for the highest benefit of the patient. Finding the underlying cause of pain is key in directing the healing process for clients.

What Can a Chiropractor Do for Lower Back Pain?

Take it away! Spinal manipulation, chiropractic adjustment, and decompression therapies are among the most common types of chiropractic treatment methods that will be employed. Chiropractic treatments work to relieve pressure in the body and restore neuromuscular connections in the body. Great care is given to ensure that all matters in the musculoskeletal system are able to do their naturally intended jobs within the body.

Not sure what the terms ‘spinal manipulation’ and ‘chiropractic adjustment’ mean? Spinal manipulation refers to the direct care that is given by hand to the vertebrae. Trained chiropractic physicians use knowledge of the inner-workings of the body to ensure that each portion is properly aligned.

When not aligned properly, a connection in the brain and body cannot communicate well. In turn, they send alert signals. We recognize these signals as pain. Chiropractic works to direct the body back into alignment with direct care to the spine. Individual connections in the body are given specialized care by trained professionals for maximum health and placement.

A chiropractic adjustment is a form of treatment that includes a gentle and directed force given to provide alignment for joints. Joints can become slightly askew from their original placement. This causes alert signals in the neuromuscular system (a.k.a. pain).

Chiropractic adjustments provide small, friendly ‘reminders’ to individual joints of their intended relationship to the rest of the body. The central nervous system is able to send proper communications through the nerves in the body, minimizing the need for alert signals, thus decreasing pain felt by the patient.

Advanced chiropractic facilities may offer additional options for increased results. A multi-disciplinary approach can be put in place and may add physical rehabilitation, chiropractic massage, and advanced forms of decompression therapy. Exact treatments chosen will depend somewhat on the resources and skill of individual practitioners.

The DRS System is an advanced form of spinal decompression that uses traction to relieve pressure in the vertebrae. This helps to minimize the pain that results from undue pressure on the spinal connections. Patients have been known to recognize a dramatic improvement within the first session. Therapy sessions are tailored to the needs of a patient to provide pain relief and restoration in the back – including the lumbar spine.

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol employs a multi-disciplinary approach that has been shown to be extremely effective for relieving lower back pain. This approach combines three types of treatment that have individually demonstrated their value for the removal of back pain: chiropractic care, DRS System, and rehabilitative therapy. Together these therapies become a powerful source of recovery from lower back pain. Treatments are placed into one comprehensive plan, simplifying the process of healing for clients.

Back Pain and Chiropractic Therapy

Back pain may be experienced due to herniated or bulging discs, misaligned or degenerating disc, arthritis, pinched nerves, sprained or strained muscles, subluxations, pregnancy, fibromyalgia, hidden injury, or even drinking alcohol. There are more than 100 conditions exist that may lead to back pain of some kind. Each condition that a patient experiences will be taken into special consideration for its particular needs and requirements.

Cancer patients suffering from back pain will often require care that incorporates their specific health condition. At its core chiropractic care works with a holistic methodology. This lends very well to the care that cancer patients will most likely seek to foster recovery and pain management.

If you have been suffering from lower back pain for any length of time, you may be ready to gain all of the information that you can regarding its cause and how you can eliminate it. Having a proper understanding of your specific health condition rests at the base of recovery. Choosing a care facility that can incorporate all of your health needs into your treatments also rests at the core of recovery.

The length of time required for recovery will depend on the patient’s medical history, the severity of pain, and the treatments that are chosen. Chiropractic offers a non-surgical, holistic approach to healing. Lower back pain chiropractic treatments include spinal manipulation, adjustments, and possibly decompression therapies. Additional modalities may be included if a patient’s condition calls for more rigorous care.

Clients may wonder if more than one treatment will be needed. Often, yes, more than a single treatment will be needed to provide lasting recovery. It is possible for patients to experience great benefits from just the first few treatments. The exact number of treatments will depend on your existing health needs. If scheduling treatments is of concern, consider this 10-Minute Promise.

One key factor to note for back pain and chiropractic therapy is that it works! It works without a need for surgical procedures and seldom uses medications. Patients appreciate the holistic approach that is usually provided with chiropractic care. Physicians understand the growing desire for non-invasive procedures that bring healing to the core of what is needed for lasting health.

Chiropractic for Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

It is no secret that pregnancy will often include some form of back pain, usually during the later portion of gestation. As the baby inside the womb grows, pressure on the mother’s body grows too. A growing baby is, of course, desired. Yet, the one carrying the anticipated bundle will likely begin to desire creative, safe ways to manage the remainder of her pregnancy term.

A mother’s center of gravity changes during pregnancy. This can lead to sore and strained lower back muscles during pregnancy. It will be important for the mother to consider her own body during pregnancy in a way that keeps her baby safe – and protects her own health.

Chiropractic can be a wonderful addition to managing this exciting time for families. Massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and other treatments can be used to help the mother’s body safely support the growing weight of her unborn child. Carrying for the health of the mother is a wonderful way to bestow health upon the womb and its special contents.

Helping to Relieve Back Pain: What You Can Do

Some pain conditions can also benefit from changes in lifestyle choices. Health conditions that may not seem related but that can have an impact on pain include posture, nutrition that affects inflammation in the body, and BMI. It is possible that factors relevant to the cause of lower back pain may be combined increasing the level of pain.

Established chiropractic facilities like our Better Health Chiropractic office will be equipped to include these factors in the recovery process. Be sure to inquire if you suspect something may be relevant to the cause of your back pain. Take the time to understand what alternatives may be available for an efficient restoration plan.

A few tips for minimizing lower back pain:

  • Try to keep a posture that promotes health in the spinal lumbar.
  • Use ergonomic lifting techniques.
  • Regularly consume nutritious foods.
  • Review spinal health with a chiropractic physician.
  • Stay active within your own physical parameters.
  • Review your sleeping positions.

I've also written a blog post about what to do to avoid back pain.

When to See a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

The risk of lower back pain becoming chronic over time is real for many individuals. Seeking chiropractic care early in the occurrence of pain is an imperative step in relieving existing pain and avoiding chronic pain conditions. The earlier that the underlying cause of lower back pain is addressed, the better the results for pain relief that a patient may experience.

You do not have to understand your pain prior to seeking healing. Let trained physicians help you find solutions to your lower back pain. If you have experienced an injury and pain is present for any longer than a few days, it may be time for a professional review of your condition. If you feel that you have an underlying ailment that is leading to lower back pain, chiropractic care is available and should be considered as soon as possible.

If you believe that pain has already become chronic, help is available. It may take a bit longer for pain to diminish, but it is attainable. A number of chiropractic patients will begin to feel the effects of care within the first few treatments. With pain that has been present for a length of time it will be important to remember that the body may need to be ‘retrained.’

Chronic pain often includes helping the body rid itself of the habit of sending pain signals once an injury or ailment is no longer present. Chiropractic care works to redirect the signals sent via the central nervous system and help the body recognize when it is well, minimizing any need for such pain signals. Chronic pain does not have to linger on forever. The neuromuscular system may just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Finding the Help You Need for Lower Back Pain

Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab offers comprehensive treatment plans for lower back pain. Treatments may include chiropractic adjustments, decompression therapy, physical rehabilitation, and massage therapy, and nutrition information. Pain may be acute, chronic, or degenerative in nature – we will take them all!

At Better Health we understand that clients have a high value on their quality of life for their own benefit and their families – so we do too! Pregnancy, cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and any other sources for lower back pain will receive a specialized and gentle approach for relief and healing with us.

How to relieve back pain fast? See your chiropractor sooner rather than later!

Better Health Alaska employs a non-invasive, holistic, client-oriented approach to chiropractic care. We welcome clients to inquire about information for which they may be uncertain. If you have information from other medical providers that you would like to discuss, we are happy to work with you and them to provide the type of care that you most desire. We work to help patients find wellness and life-long health.

The DRS System and the Alaska Back Pain Protocol are uniquely designed by Better Health Chiropractic and Physical Rehab for back pain patients. We have four Alaskan locations: South Anchorage, East Anchorage, Juneau, and Wasilla. Let us help you find out what these advanced treatment options can do for you and your lower back pain.

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