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Why Should I See A Chiropractor?

Why Should I See A Chiropractor?

What is a Chiropractor?

To best understand why you need to see a chiropractor, you first have to know what a chiropractor is and if he or she can be of any importance in your life. In very simple words, this is a professional who specializes in spinal misalignments and subluxations.

This manipulative care may not be known or appreciated by some people, but manipulation in its different forms has been used to treat and manage problems for a long time. Doctors in this field choose to focus on the musculoskeletal system for effective spinal care. 

This physician suggests that improper juxtaposition or subluxation of the spine could interfere with the normal functioning of the nervous system. Therefore, there is every need to use manipulative procedures to force the body into healing itself. We welcome patients to come and learn the benefits of our local Anchorage chiropractic care.

What Does Chiropractic Do?

Chiropractic care is committed to surgery-free and medication-free healthcare. Professionals of this field work with their patients to improve their health by ensuring that the spinal column is properly aligned and is very much capable of supporting the body.

Even though, this field is tailored towards the evaluation and treatment of disorders associated with the nervous or musculoskeletal systems, it is common for physicians of chiropractic to also counsel their patients on general lifestyle issues, including exercise and stress management.

Modern manipulative care maintains its focus on the assessment and conservative therapy of problems associated with the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems. Apart from manipulative treatment, these doctors may also include other programs, such as physical therapies.

How bad is your Low Back Pain? Take the Low Back Pain Disability Index!

Please mark in each section only ONE box which applies MOST to you. This questionnaire has been designed to give the doctor information as to how your low back pain has affected your ability to manage in everyday life.

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Seeing a Chiropractor Even Without Back Pain

This concept is contentious, but we base our argument on facts. Should you go to a chiropractor? Yes, this physician would help you even if you are not feeling any pain. By pain, we mean any problems with your neck and lower back among other things.

From a broad perspective, chiropractic care is all about the spine. How many times in a day do you put your spine in jeopardy? No one does really have a specific number of times. If you are an office worker, you probably sit for eight hours a day.

What do the long sitting hours do to your spine? Yes, of course, the occasional pain may go away. How about six months or a year later when the pain returns with excruciating force? As you can see, it is not about now; it is about later when the body is seriously damaged.

You may not experience back pain because of long sitting hours for now, and you can ensure that the pain never emerges by seeing a doctor of chiropractic in time. He or she will conduct a complete physical exam and do a comprehensive realignment of the spinal column.

Regardless of the many online resources, you will be surprised by how so few people know the benefits of manipulative care. There are so many fallacies as well as myths that may directly prevent you from discovering chiropractic.

If you are quick to believe what you read or hear, the myths and misconceptions are enough to make you doubtful of manipulative treatment. You should probably think of it in a more holistic way; in that it tells the body what to do in order to effect change.

This is particularly very important for first-timers. You should not base your judgment on the following myths and fallacies:

  • Manipulative procedures and adjustments hurt.
  • Chiropractic treatment is very expensive.
  • Doctors of manipulative treatments are not real.
  • You will never stop going to a chiropractor the moment you start.
  • I need to get approval from a medical physician.
  • Chiropractors are not surgeons and they are not allowed to prescribe drugs.
  • No need to go if I do not experience any pain or if the pain is gone.
  • Manipulative care is only for neck and back pain.
  • The services are not covered by insurance.
  • Chiropractors are not as highly educated as medical physicians.
  • My pain can go away with over the counter and prescriptions.
  • Manipulative treatment may fail to work for my case.

The above mentioned are among the most common misconceptions and myths, but the list does not end there. Therefore, you can see a chiropractor make sure that your neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems work properly.

What this means is that you do not need a probable cause, such as a back pain, a neck pain, sciatica, or a pinched nerve to consult a manipulative care physician. You never know, your visit may unveil other serious, hidden problems that you never knew about, such as herniation or pronation.     

Why See a Chiropractor?

As we mentioned earlier, you can easily visit a chiropractor’s office for a complete physical checkup among other things. However, you need to avoid the various myths and misconceptions you will come across. Advanced therapies offer added benefits for healing lower back pain.

If you are still not convinced, then here are eight main reasons for you to see a doctor of chiropractic:

    • Back Pain

      Most chiropractors have reported back pain to be the most common complaint they come across during their daily chores. According to research, back pain is a condition that is experienced by everyone in the course of a person’s life.

      A manipulative care doctor can help you treat back pain and its causes, including the effects of long sitting hours; congenital bone disorder; degenerative bone and joint disorders; bone and joint injury; bony encroachment; lumbar radiculopathy; lumbar strain; and nerve irritation.

    • Neck Pain

      Neck pain is the second most common reason why people go to the chiropractor. Poor sitting and standing position may lead to forward head (a condition in which you appear bent when standing with your head forward).

      As far as neck pain is concerned, you should see a chiropractor when you experience the following: persistent neck pain after two days; the discomfort is excruciating in the morning; the pain has resulted into tingling or numbness; and worrying about the cause of the pain.

    • Persistent Headaches

      Are you suffering from recurrent headaches? Is the headache pain becoming a problem for you? If yes, then you need to see a chiropractor. Abnormalities in the cervical spine can worsen the intensity of a headache.

      Spinal manipulation can get rid of the restrictive barriers that are causing your neck to tighten. Through manipulation of the cervical spine, the doctor is able to address other related issues along the spine. This helps to ensure that you do not have other hidden problems.

    • Fatigue and Stress

      You are likely to experience fatigue when you are suffering from spinal misalignment. If the condition remains untreated, your body may attempt to fight the pain, causing you to feel fatigue. This will definitely decrease your productivity.

      Stress is part and parcel of our lives. It is an underlying cause of many problems people face, including back pain. The effects of stress may manifest physically, and this may weigh you down over time. A chiropractor can help you by treating the underlying problem.

    • Car Accident Injuries

      Car accidents are the major the causes of soft tissue injury. You should strongly consider seeing a chiropractor if you are a survivor of a car accident. Auto accident injuries can take long to manifest, such as sciatica and whiplash.

      Some people may take months to experience sciatic nerve pain, while others may take weeks to present symptoms of a whiplash. Visiting a manipulative physician in time would help you handle the problems beforehand.

      There is no minor injury. An accident is an accident, you might be feeling well, but something may be wrong somewhere. Acting fast may allow you to use at-fault driver’s insurance to get chiropractic care. After all, earlier treatment will reassure your health.

    • Boost Your Immune System

      The neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems work hand in hand with the immune system. Spinal problems may interfere with your immune system. Chiropractic therapy locates and corrects spinal nerve interference, and allows the body to heal itself.

      Maintaining the health of your spine and nervous system helps your immune system stay strong. In case of a pinched nerve, an adjustment realigns the spine and eases the pressure on a pinched nerve, allowing the body’s organs to receive the necessary elements to effect healing.

    • Avoid Over-The-Counter-Medication

      According to research, the immune system and the nervous system are intertwined. Therefore, treating the nervous system is believed to boost the immune system. With that said, chiropractic care can be viewed as a medication-free treatment.

      Manipulative care is less invasive compared to medication. Therefore, if you have a risk for or sensitivity to medication, chiropractic care could provide the same outcome while totally avoiding over the counter medication.

    • Improve Sleep

      Sleep is an essential part of our lives. It helps the body relax. Chiropractic improves spinal alignment as well as nerve flow. This helps to get rid of the pain, especially in the lumbar spine, improving sleep quality and rest.

How bad is your Neck Pain? Take the Neck Disability Index!

Please mark in each section only ONE box which applies MOST to you. This questionnaire has been designed to give the doctor information as to how your neck pain has affected your ability to manage in everyday life.

How bad is your pain? Take our quizzes below and find out!

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Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Why go to a chiropractor? We have presented you with more than enough reasons to see a physician of chiropractic. Now let’s go through the various benefits of chiropractic care.

  • Pain Relief

    Chiropractic care helps eliminate back pain. Many studies have been conducted on this concept. If you are a person with chronic pain in your low back or say you have a problem that is acute in nature, then this treatment will offer you the much-needed relief.

  • Improved Neurological Functioning

    The spine is closely connected to your brain and your central nervous system. Therefore, the health of your spine, the way it is aligned and moves can directly impact the functioning of your nervous system.

  • Hormonal Balance

    Chiropractic adjustments on your vertebrae can help with hormonal balance. Restrictive barriers along the spinal column prevent free movement of spinal components. This affects what we call mechanoreceptors, leading to the release of stress hormones. This puts your body in dominant stress response. Manipulative procedures do a great job of reducing the hormones and improve the body’s functionality.

  • Reduces Inflammation

    Manipulative treatment is very effective at reducing inflammation. Subluxations in your spine may lead to inflammation, which is not a pleasant experience. Adjustments will help you deal with the problem. A chiropractor may also use specific types of tools to reduce swelling and inflammation. These tools may include: traction, diathermy, high current TENS, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound.

  • Proper Organ Function

    This depends mainly on the intertwined connection between your spine and your autonomic nervous system. Any misalignments along the spine affect the nervous system, which may lead to the release of stress hormones, interfering with the functions of body organs. You can avoid all these with effective adjustments.

  • Management of Blood Pressure

    The causes of high blood pressure or hypertension are many. Modern medications have certainly done a great job of managing hypertension, but you also have a medication-free alternative, which is chiropractic.

    Chiropractors adjust the spinal column to maintain a balance to the nervous system. The nerves weakening organs such as the heart muscles and adrenal glands must function correctly for an appropriate blood pressure to be regulated.

  • Improved Immunity

    There is ample evidence that suggests chiropractic adjustments positively affect the immune system. Spinal manipulation influences natural killer cells production and autonomic balance. The healthy relationship between the spine and the nervous system is vital.

    Any problems with the spine lead to a chain of undesirable events, such as stress hormone among other things. Adjustments ensure that your spine is super healthy, and so is your immune system.   

In Conclusion

Many people associate chiropractic with back and neck pain and musculoskeletal issues. However, the aforementioned are only secondary symptoms of misalignments and malfunctions of the spine.

Therefore, when you choose to see a chiropractor, you should expect the doctor to deal with the root of the problem and not what you perceive to be the problem. Avoid misconceptions and myths, if you want chiropractic care to be effective for your condition.    


FREE One-Hour Massage Certificate

That’s right! Receive a certificate for a free one-hour massage with our highly-trained and licensed massage therapists for use after your first appointment. Use it yourself, or give it to a friend.

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