A woman being treated by a chiropractor on her shoulder.
A woman getting treatment by a chiropractor in her shoulder.

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Our Services

We will design a cutting-edge, science-based treatment program for you that is non-invasive and drug free.

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol (ABPP)

A proven proprietary protocol that combines non-surgical disc decompression, chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation therapy, and massage therapy to get rid of your back pain for good.

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A person having his neck massaged by a chiropractor in a blue color overlay.

FREE One-Hour Massage Certificate


That’s right! Receive a certificate for a free one-hour massage with one of our highly-trained, professional, and licensed massage therapists for use after your first appointment. You can use it yourself, or give it to one of your family or friends for them to use!

How Our Services/Treatments Help?

  • Chiropractic Care: Over the last 20 years we’ve continuously innovated and kept up with modern chiropractic therapy to offer the best treatments and latest technological advancements in our clinics.
  • Massage Therapy: Along with chiropractic procedures we offer the synergistic and soothing benefits of chiropractic massage therapy to relieve muscle tension, restore flexibility, and improve comfort.
  • Physical Rehabilitation Therapy: This includes occupational therapy to restore strength, flexibility, and mobility so you can continue doing the physical things you need and cherish in life.
  • Chiropractic Checkups: Sometimes folks just want to stop by, get their muscles and spine checked out, talk about certain symptoms with a specialist perhaps, and focus on prevention.
  • Auto Injury Care: From whiplash and lumbar issues to a large array of conditions that can happen as a result of an auto accident, we help take care of you and get you back to living as pain-free as possible.

Alaska Back Pain Protocol: Developed with 6,000+ patients, the Alaska Back Pain Protocol combines chiropractic care, the DRS System, and rehabilitative therapy into one comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan.