Chiropractic Services in Alaska

Let us help you get back to an active pain-free life

Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab has been the leading Anchorage chiropractic and physical rehab clinic since 1998 – and we are pleased to now serve Alaska in Wasilla & Juneau! Our team of physical rehabilitation therapists and chiropractors believe in combining multiple disciplines to effectively address health issues. That’s why we offer comprehensive, non-surgical chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy and massage therapy all in one place.

How Our Services/Treatments Help?

Better Health combines noninvasive chiropractic therapy, physical/occupational rehabilitation, and chiropractic massage therapy in all our clinics to develop personalized and effective treatments.

  • Chiropractic Care: Over the last 20 years we’ve continuously innovated and kept up with modern chiropractic therapy to offer the best treatments and latest technological advancements in our clinics.
  • Massage Therapy: Along with chiropractic procedures we offer the synergistic and soothing benefits of chiropractic massage therapy to relieve muscle tension, restore flexibility, and improve comfort.
  • Physical Rehabilitation: This includes occupational therapy to restore strength, flexibility, and mobility so you can continue doing the physical things you need in life and those you adore.  
  • Chiropractic Checkups: Sometimes folks just want to stop by, get their muscles and spine checked out, talk about certain symptoms with a specialist perhaps, and focus on prevention which is great.
  • Auto Injury Care: From whiplash and lumbar issues, to a large array of conditions that can happen as a result of an auto accident, we help take care of you and get you back to living as pain free as possible.
  • Alaska Back Pain Protocol: Developed with 6,000+ patients, the Alaska Back Pain Protocol combines chiropractic care, DRS System and rehabilitative therapy into one comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan.