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The Benefits of Owning Pets

My family has a sixth member. One who is loving, loyal, and is always the most excited to see me when I return home—even if I only go for a quick walk around the block! Our dog, Chloe, always makes me feel welcome and special. In addition to that, I’ve learned there are numerous health benefits to owning a pet and those benefits cover all stages of life.

Newborns who are exposed to pets from birth are much less likely to develop fears or allergies to pets. Families with pets tend to be happier, spend more time together as a family with the pet, and they tend to live longer. It has been noted that patients with Alzheimer’s express less anxiety when there is a pet in the house, and it seems to help keep some fluidity to the memories being retained on a daily basis.

There are also more generalized benefits to owning a pet, such as the owners getting more exercise and experiencing lower blood pressure. Medical evidence seems to show pet owners have lower cholesterol and they live longer, even with major health issues, simply because they own a pet. Pets are considered to be one of the most effective ways to fight off depression and other anxiety-type illnesses.

You definitely need to take a look at just how much a pet might help you—emotionally and physically. Besides, who doesn’t want a little more love in their life? When you decide a pet is right for your family, the local shelter is a good place to start your search.

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