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Massage therapy sounds like a nice and relaxing way to spend time. Most people welcome this type of care. Yet, do you understand how it may benefit you? Chiropractic massage takes care of muscles and adds to it the body’s need for attention to the spine and joints. The mechanisms in the body are considered for their many functions and given direct care through chiropractic massage therapy.

Let’s add in some spinal care techniques that are designed to help your body function better for longer. What if the focus of your massage time became caring for and maintaining the body’s natural healing mechanisms while also causing the muscles to relax and recuperate? Now you just have to find the best massage therapist in Anchorage.

How to Choose a Chiropractic Massage Therapist in Anchorage Infographic

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Chiropractic Massage Therapists: What to Know

Choosing a chiropractic massage therapist does not have to be complicated or elaborate. If you are not already receiving chiropractic treatments then you may wish to discover what your options are for chiropractic care near you. You may want to find out if you can schedule a chiropractic massage after your next spinal adjustment. Here are a few points to consider as you search for a chiropractic massage therapist:

1) Consider the Hours You Can Go

Having options for when you can visit your chiropractor for a massage can greatly add to your experience. You may desire to get your chiropractic massage on the way home from work. Look for an office that is open later in the evening. Call before 4 pm and take advantage of this Same Day Promise.

If you can go during your lunch break you may appreciate this 10-Minute Promise. Having scheduling options also helps when we may need to consider other family members and their schedules. Alaskan chiropractors understand that life is busy. Families wanting to benefit from chiropractic massage can more easily schedule their appointments when a variety of options are available to receive care.

2) Why Do You Want to See a Chiropractic Massage Therapist?

Maybe you have a favorite sport that brings roughness to your body. Getting the type of massage that can help your joints recover as well as your muscles is a wonderful way to increase productivity. Care that helps the body between workouts can minimize injuries and keep you in top condition for your active lifestyle.

Perhaps you have a series of work tasks that place regular strain on your body. Providing care that helps reverse regular strain activities can help prevent chronic pain conditions. Seek a provider that will be able to help you review your work setting as needed.

Do you wish to see a chiropractic massage therapist to help decrease the risk of disc degeneration? Your spine will love the additional attention. Seek a massage provider that is versed in care methods that focus on increasing the body’s ability to maintain wellness on its own. Chiropractic care is designed to remind the body of its powers. Find someone who is excited and passionate about helping you work in this manner for life-long wellness.

If you are receiving physical therapy and want to add to the benefit this brings to your body, then a massage that focuses on your specific recovery condition may be just what the doctor ordered. Consider a provider that is equipped to help you with both types of care. Having one facility for both adds another level of convenience for you as the patient.

Knowing why you wish to receive care can help you decide if a provider has what you are looking to get out of your care. If you are looking to diminish pain, does the provider use any specific techniques or technologies that you feel will be helpful? Decide why you want to see a chiropractic massage therapist and be sure your facility is equipped to handle what you wish to address.

3) Do You Feel Comfortable Working with Them?

You should feel comfortable asking questions, receiving information, and knowing that your therapist can work to drive you closer to your goals. Try to work with someone who will be willing to consider your health goals. Consider a provider that will put chiropractic care to work for you and your set of health needs and desires.

Chiropractic is meant to work with the body as a complete unit. Understanding that unit is meant to function can go a long way in providing desirable care. Chiropractic massage providers can offer specific information regarding your condition and help you choose a path to wellness that fits you and your body.

Do you feel as though your specific condition will be addressed by the provider? Having a provider that can address multiple conditions may be a big help if you are experiencing more than one type of ailment or injury. Review what options are offered and ask if your current condition is often treated by the chiropractic facility.

Look for someone with whom you can discuss your situation when needed. Be ready to explain your symptoms. Your massage therapist will be more equipped to help you heal if you share as much as you can early. Choose a chiropractic massage therapist with whom you feel comfortable sharing your concerns.

Do the individuals in the chiropractic facility act like they enjoy being there at the clinic? People who enjoy their jobs are much more likely to be willing to help you when you need it. Do the people provide your chiropractic care offer you a sense of welcome and inclusion in your care? You should feel as though your information and time matter. Consider a chiropractic clinic that brings a smile to your face when it is time for your appointment.

4) Look for a Licensed Chiropractic Massage Therapist

Chiropractic physicians and technicians must complete training that provides them with intricate knowledge of how the body’s systems work together. Neuromuscular and musculoskeletal matters must be learned and understood for safe and effective chiropractic care.

Holistic care becomes the center of what takes place. This is where the chiropractic magic happens. The body is meant to work as a unit. Knowing how this unit is meant to work can make a difference in how your care progresses. Bringing your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones to one who has been trained in how to keep them in optimal working order is a smart thing to do.

Minimizing the risk of pain and injury comes in line with what must be considered. Pain conditions often increase over time if they are not given the chance to fully recover early after their discovery. Chiropractic massage provides a secret avenue for preventing pain conditions before they develop in the body. Look for a provider that understands this in the body and is willing to consider your health conditions during treatment.

Getting a chiropractic massage means knowing which local chiropractors have the training that is required to provide reliable care. Look for a provider that retains a doctorate of chiropractic and current licensing from the State of Alaska. Continuing education preferences may be chosen by each chiropractic physician.

5) Will You Need Chiropractic Insurance Coverage?

Insurance companies understand that caring for the body is easier prior to the development of serious conditions. They will often cover chiropractic treatments because it helps them guard their bottom line. Taking advantage of this concept is one way to consider which chiropractic massage therapist you will choose.

Some chiropractic facilities will help patients sort through their insurance paperwork and minimize the hassle for them. Find out if you can get your chiropractic care covered by insurance in Anchorage. You can also review a few insurance options here. Payment plans are also an option when needed. Chiropractic massage therapy patients paying in cash can ask for a cash payment discount.

Chiropractic Clinics

Choosing your chiropractic massage therapist can be as easy as introducing yourself and finding a provider that you can appreciate and trust. At Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab we invite patients to join us for care. Come and get a chiropractic massage!

Meet our Alaska chiropractors in person at one of our clinics. our chiropractic clinic stays open late for your convenience. We welcome you to schedule your appointments when it works best for you.

Contact us at 1.877.346.5255 to schedule your first appointment. Visit us online to learn more.

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