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Chiropractic care coupled with massage therapy can do wonders for your spine, neck, and lower back, so having both of these practices at your disposal is your best bet for getting the best massage of your life!

Let’s dive into why chiropractic massage is so essential to an overall healthy lifestyle, and how you can find the best massage therapist in the Juneau area.

Why Should I See A Massage Therapist?

Regular massage therapy care has a wide variety of benefits. When coupled with chiropractic care, which we’ll get into below, it can help condition and maintain the health of your soft tissue, meaning your muscles, ligaments, and other body parts that surround your bones. Its main goal is to relieve tension in the body, improve flexibility, and facilitate comfort. Massage therapy loosens muscles, works out knots and kinks that have built up in certain areas, and also helps release toxins that can build up in soft tissue. This is especially important with chiropractic care because as a chiropractor adjusts your spine back into place, it actually releases toxins from the spine, which can then build up in the soft tissue of the surrounding area. Massage therapy helps to fully integrate the chiropractic adjustment into your body in the healthiest way possible.

Some typical techniques massage therapists do during treatment include acupressure, trigger point therapy, gliding over muscles, kneading them, using hand or elbow pressure on specific points, and more to give you a comprehensive myofascial release Chiropractic massage can also integrate spinal decompression techniques and other methods to realign vertebrae, address lower back pain, and more, making it a bit more comprehensive than a typical spa massage. Better Health Alaska has a well-trained staff of caring, meticulous Juneau massage therapists that work directly with our chiropractors to make sure each patient is getting exactly what they need out of their massage.

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Physician-Supervised Massage vs. Spa Massage

First and foremost, it’s important to distinguish the difference between chiropractic, physician-supervised massage, and spa massage. This will help you understand why the best massage therapist is going to be integrated into a chiropractic practice.

When people think of massages, they typically think of a “spa” massage. The atmosphere is calm, the massage therapist works for the spa, and there are usually about 5 treatments to choose from. While each is different, and they’re designed to meet the needs of the general public, they’re not tailored to each individual patient. There will likely be a consultation with your spa massage therapist at the beginning of the treatment about any tender or sore areas to avoid, but their job is to give you the treatment you asked for, whether it’s best for your body or not. During the massage, they may ask if the pressure they’re using is comfortable for you, but that’s about as far as the interaction will go.

Physician-supervised massage is very, very different. Chiropractic massage is tailored to each individual patient and is usually prescribed by the chiropractor themselves, based on your unique condition and needs. Chiropractors will consult the massage therapists about your condition, best practices for you, areas of your body that need extra attention, etc. and will continue to consult with each other over time to track your progress and make sure you’re getting the best-personalized treatment possible. Overall, it’s a more clinical and individual approach to massage therapy.

On top of all of that, chiropractic massage is also typically covered by insurance as a medical treatment, whereas spa massages are not since they’re considered a luxury expense. Better for your body and your wallet!

How Do I Find The Best Chiropractic Massage Therapist?

As we said before, there are plenty of massage therapists to choose from in the Juneau area. How do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a quick checklist to reference when you’re looking for the best massage therapy in Juneau:

1) Physician-Supervised

Obviously, your massage therapist should be physician-supervised and well-versed in the practice of chiropractic massage for all the reasons outlined above. It’s your best bet for the best massage treatment you can ask for. Chiropractic massage has so many advantages to the typical spa massage, from spinal health to out-of-pocket costs. You’ll be glad you chose a physician-supervised massage therapy practice.

2) Multidisciplinary Practice

On that note, make sure you’re visiting a multidisciplinary practice, not just a spa location. Having other body adjustment tools and services at your disposal will be the best route toward long-term health and comfort. Make sure your massage therapy location also offers chiropractic adjustments, rehab therapy, and lower back pain treatment modalities. You may not necessarily need any of these treatments right away, but it’s nice to know that they’re available to you if you need them in the future, and you’ll already have an established relationship with the practitioners if you need further care from them going forward.

3) Easy Scheduling

Your massage therapist clinic should also have easy scheduling practices so that you can seamlessly integrate this kind of self-care into your busy lifestyle. No long waiting at the office, no issues calling ahead to schedule an appointment, and recurring weekly or monthly time slots should be available for you to take advantage of and work into your schedule. Make sure they have some sort of guarantee to see you the same day if an emergency comes up as well.

4) Convenient Location

For your peace of mind, the location of the office should also be conveniently located in the Juneau area so that it’s easy for you to get to your appointments on time without the added stress of driving out of your way. Juneau isn’t a big city, but it’s still nice to know that your massage therapist is right down the road, or a quick drive away if you need them!

5) Warm, Welcoming Environment

That sort of close-knit community feeling should be present at the office as well. Last, but certainly not least, your massage therapist’s office and massage rooms should also be friendly, welcoming, and comfortable for you. Make sure to visit the location and see if the atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Most patients feel most comfortable in individual, private rooms for massage therapy, with a relaxing ambiance in terms of the lighting, music, and even aromatic qualities of the room.

Why Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab?

Better Health Chiropractic is the best option for massage therapy in Juneau because it checks off all the boxes above. It’s a friendly, welcoming, community-based multidisciplinary clinic, offering chiropractic massage therapy along with adjustments, rehabilitation therapies, and more all in one convenient location. The massage therapist and chiropractic physician work together daily, tracking their patients’ progress and treatment to make sure they’re getting the best care possible.

Logistically, Better Health also offers a same-day guarantee, promising that they’ll see you the same day if you call for an appointment before 4 p.m. and that you’ll be seen within 10 minutes of arriving at the office. If any of that doesn’t happen, your visit is free!

On average, Better Health offers massages for as low as $10 with insurance. That can’t be beaten. It also has a great reputation in Juneau since the location opened up in 2013. Most patients are local construction workers, fishers, government workers, retirees, and families taking advantage of their comprehensive approach to bodily health and wellness.

Better Health Chiropractic is conveniently located on Dunn Street across from Frontier Suites in Juneau, just about a half-mile north of Juneau International Airport. This is close enough to most corporate workplaces, and even small suburban neighborhoods, that it’s very easy for anyone in the Juneau area to get to! They have convenient hours that match the pace of the city as well, opening most days at 9 a.m. and closing at 7 p.m.

Wrap Up

Massage therapy has a whole host of benefits for people of all ages with any type of condition. By using gentle myofascial release techniques like kneading and gliding, it aids in soft tissue health, toxin release, and muscle relaxation. It facilitated comfort and flexibility and is a great addition to any chiropractic care regimen. Chiropractic massage therapy takes the practice a step further, offering curated, personalized clinical massage tailored to your body and your unique needs.

To find the best chiropractic massage practice in the Juneau area, make sure you have a physician-supervised multidisciplinary clinic with easy scheduling, a convenient location, and a welcoming environment. Better Health Chiropractic has the whole package, so if you’re looking for a personalized, comprehensive massage therapy experience, schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]