Juneau FAQs

Does seeing a chiropractor for neck pain work?

A prospective, multicenter, cohort study, published in 2007, sought to analyze the overall safety of chiropractic care for neck pain and to weigh the benefits against the risks. Over 500 patients participated in the study. Nearly half of the participants who returned for a fourth visit reported that they felt “completely improved.” Most of the other participants reported recovery at either the three-month or the 12-month follow-up.

The study also found that the benefits outweigh the risks, especially since there were “No serious adverse events recorded during the study period.”

Can a chiropractor fix scoliosis?

A 2011 study followed the treatment of 28 adult scoliosis patients through a chiropractic exercise-based treatment program. All 28 of the patients reported improvements in pain, Cobb angle, and disability. Not only were these improvements apparent at the end of the six-month treatment, but they were also apparent at the 24-month mark, as well. 

Are chiropractors good for herniated discs?

A study showed the effects of chiropractic manipulation on two patients with small disc prolapses. In both patients, spinal manipulation reduced the symptoms and the size of the disc prolapses

Does chiropractic care actually work for carpal tunnel syndrome?

This study takes a look at the long-term effect of chiropractic care on those with carpal tunnel syndrome, comparing them to those with “healthy” wrists and arms. It’s conclusion is clear: conservative chiropractic care works for carpal tunnel syndrome.   

Does seeing a chiropractor help arthritis?

A study of 250 people compared the effects of moist heat and chiropractic care on those with back pain from osteoarthritis. The patients were randomly split into two groups. One group received only moist heat therapy, while the other received both moist heat and chiropractic care for their arthritis. Those in the chiropractic group experienced a more rapid and profound pain relief and increased range of motion.