David T.

Lead Massage Therapist, Juneau Office

I am a licensed massage therapist at Better Health. I was born in Hong Kong but raised in Los Angeles, California. I attended California Polytechnic University where I majored in Kinesiology. From there, I earned my license at Southern California School of Massage Therapy. 

At Better Health, I am responsible for all manual therapies, including massages and stretches. My top priority is our patients’ well-being. It’s my job to ensure that they are feeling their best both during and after their treatment.

Better Health has a good team made up of efficient staff. What I love the most about working here is that I get to talk to patients and learn their stories. 

I derive my inspiration from the Buddhist teachings of my parents and late grand uncle. They taught me values based in Confucianism with a major emphasis on maintaining selflessness. Because of this, I’m passionate about self-discovery and mastery. In my spare time, I like to experiment in the culinary arts and practice Tai Chi.