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Is Your Quality of Life Suffering Because of Back Pain?

That bad feeling that comes with back pain is something many Alaskans know all too well. After all, back pain is the most common reason for doctor visits. 

The pain can range from annoying to excruciating. And the longer you put off treatment, the more likely it is that the pain will become unbearable. 

Simple activities such as putting on shoes or petting the dog become nearly impossible. Quality of life declines, along with your mood and outlook. 

It’s more than just pain — it’s a change that seems to affect nearly every aspect of life. And it may seem like the only way out is through surgery

But it’s not. 

Risky Surgery is Not the Answer

Shoulder Pain: What to Do in Between Chiropractic Sessions

For the VAST majority of back pain sufferers, even severe back pain- surgery isn’t necessary. In fact, all non-surgical options should be exhausted before you consider surgery. 

And that’s what Better Health Alaska offers: comprehensive, proven, and trusted non-surgical back pain treatment

We’ve developed the Alaska Back Pain Protocol to treat back pain for both short- and long-term results. And we’ve helped over 9,000 Alaskans overcome their back pain over our 20+ years in this great state.

What sets us apart from other Alaska chiropractors? We provide faster, longer-lasting, and more affordable back pain treatment. 

introducing the Alaska Back Pain Protocol (ABPP)

Our proprietary protocol has helped over 11,000 Alaskans find relief from back pain. We do this using a proven combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, non-surgical spinal decompression, and physical therapy.

By combining these different modalities under one roof, we make sure you get the ultimate care without the hassle of visiting multiple offices.

Faster Back Pain Relief

At Better Health Alaska, we take pride in getting you out of pain quickly. While we know that no two back pain patients are the same, we also know how to quickly determine and treat the cause of your back pain. 

By offering physical medicine and safe, non-surgical and non-narcotic medical care, we’re a one-stop clinic for pain relief in Alaska. This combination means you’ll experience effective pain relief AND treatment of the root cause. 

We don’t believe in masking the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. This is why we do it all for our patients.

This is the basis for our proprietary Alaska Back Pain Protocol, which uses a proven combination of: 

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression 
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitative Therapy

Using these treatment options, we formulate a treatment plan unique to the cause and symptoms of your back pain.

This is how we’ve helped over 9,000 Alaskans get rid of their back pain quickly during our 20+ years in Alaska. 

But it’s not just about temporary pain relief!

Longer Lasting Back Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain: What to Do in Between Chiropractic Sessions

While we do focus on getting you out of pain quickly, we also get to the root of the problem. 

This is how we provide longer-lasting back pain relief to our patients. 

But how exactly do we do it?

We go above and beyond by putting results and communication at the forefront of your treatment. 

You’re in on your treatment every step of the way. Our Chiropractic Doctors discuss the cause, treatment, and long-term outlook with you, making sure you understand the cause of your back pain. 

Because when you understand what’s causing it and how to fix it, you won’t need to come see us all the time — which is the goal.

We also give you tools to help at home:

  • A back pain home care kit
  • Home care exercises for long-term relief
  • Helpful tips to keep the pain away for good
  • A full understanding of what caused the issue and what you can do to prevent it

We find that communication and an effective, safe, and science-based treatment program are key to long-term relief for our back pain patients. 

And it’s also cost-effective…

Affordable Back Pain Treatment

We accept many different insurance plans. Most of our insured patients pay anywhere from $0 to $25 per visit.

And our in-office staff will handle your insurance company for you. Everything from checking your insurance benefits for you and communicating costs along the way, to making sure you don’t get surprise bills. We make sure you know exactly how much everything will cost before you get into a treatment plan.

But what if you don’t have insurance?

We ‌provide affordable care if you don’t have insurance, or the insurance you ‌have doesn’t cover our care. 

We work with you to make sure your treatment is affordable, and as stress-free as possible. 

Book your appointment now and we’ll be happy to find a payment plan that works for you. 

We Accept Insurance

We accept most insurance plans, and some people even pay zero out-of-pocket costs. You don’t have to suffer from back pain any longer.
Our proven protocol can help you get back to your pain-free life.

Questions About Your Insurance?

If you have private health insurance, let us check your insurance for you!
  • Most people pay just $25 to $40 per visit.
  • Some copays are as little as $0.
  • All our fees cover chiropractic care, massage, AND physical therapy modalities- most even on the same visit.
  • Covered by Aetna? Aetna covers almost half of our patients. Our Aetna patient’s co-pays and insurance coverage are similar to in-network Blue Cross coverage.
  • Have Medicare? Medicare Part B plans now cover many chiropractic modalities.
  • Because of current insurance changes, we provide many services for free if your insurance doesn’t cover them.
  • If your care doesn’t seem affordable, talk to your doctor. We’ll get you the care you need at a price you can afford.

Get Your Life Back With The Alaska Back Pain Protocol

  • Relieves your back pain
  • Gives you better movement
  • Less time in pain = more time with family and friends
  • Gets you back to work
  • Allows you to play longer and harder
  • Helps prevent degenerative diseases in the spine and joints
  • Provides both short- and long-term benefits
  • Helps relieve pain and inflammation in other parts of the body too
  • It’s a pain-free treatment
  • Backed by hundreds of scientific studies

Trust Our 20+ Years of Experience – But Trust What People Say More

Shoulder Pain: What to Do in Between Chiropractic Sessions
It’s true: we’ve been helping Alaskans overcome their back pain since 2001. We were the first chiropractor to bring the IDD/DRS system to Alaska, and no one has more experience with this transformative technology. 

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our patients are saying about the Alaska Back Pain Protocol.

“I have been a patient at Better Health since their first year in practice (20 + years) and Dr. Wells and his team of chiropractors and clinic staff are always top notch. They treat their patients like family and truly are attentive to my needs. As a patient who has struggled with herniated discs and now just getting old, I will not go anywhere else. Many thanks to the Better Health Team.”

-Matt S. 

“Amazing! I feel like I have a new back. Pretty sure my sinuses are also opened now. Highly recommend. It’s a one stop place everything from X-rays to state of the art equipment designed to get you to a pain free place of being.”

-Toya P.

“I went in with primarily lower back pain that had been pestering me for about a year. They took x-rays of my lower back, and found that I had an old back injury that didn’t heal properly. They put me through some physical therapy and realignment. Now after about 3 months, I can move around and live my life again. Lifting things, touching my toes, and even sleep are easy again. I really recommend this chiropractic office, and the staff there are amazing.”

Rebecca L.

Join thousands of Alaskans who’ve already experienced the benefits of the Alaska Back Pain Protocol. Contact us now to book your appointment!

Experience the best of physical medicine and non-surgical, non-narcotic medical care at Better Health Alaska!

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Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab welcomes clients with friendly staff members, amazing doctors, and
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Get-a-Ride Promise

Get-a-Ride Promise ensures you will get to and from your appointment without any cost to you.

10-Minute Promise

10-Minute Promise means you will be seen in a timely fashion or else your appointment is free!

First-Visit Promise

First-Visit Promise ensures you will be 100% satisfied with your care or you will be refunded!

Same-Day Promise

Same-Day Promise guarantees you will be seen on the same day you call for an appointment.

Get-a-Ride Promise

Get-a-Ride Promise ensures you will get to and from your appointment without any cost to you.

10-Minute Promise

10-Minute Promise means you will be seen in a timely fashion or else your appointment is free!

First-Visit Promise

First-Visit Promise ensures you will be 100% satisfied with your care or you will be refunded!

Same-Day Promise

Same-Day Promise guarantees you will be seen on the same day you call for an appointment.


Better Health Chiropractic Anchorage


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Get to know Dr. Brent Wells

Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. founded Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab with his amazing wife Coni in Anchorage in 1998. He received his B.S. from the University of Nevada (where they met), and his doctorate from the Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. When he isn’t with his family, building his ongoing professional education, or helping folks at the clinic, he’s either doing something community-centered or playing blues/rock guitar.













Low Back
Pain Cases


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ABPP* Cases
The Alaska Back Pain Protocol


Josh had been seeking help at another chiropractic facility for his hip and low back pain, but just wasn’t getting the results he was looking for. “A significant difference in the care that I was provided with at Better Health compared to the other chiropractic center, I believe, had to do with the time staff members took to listen to my concerns and feedback.”

For about 10 months, Josh had experienced pain in his hips and lower back making it hard for him to enjoy his hobbies and to do basic daily activities. After receiving chiropractic care, rehabilitative therapy, and the DRS low back treatment at Better Health, Josh said it made a 100% improvement. “They provided me with long-term activities to complete that will help me regulate my own pain and wellness. The staff at Better Health treated me very well throughout my treatment. The staff members listened and adjusted my treatment based on my feedback and progress. I have recommended Better Health to close friends and co-workers.”

– Josh Fremin

Better Health Alaska has helped thousands of Alaskans just like you using the proven Alaska Back Pain Protocol (ABPP) method.


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The Alaska Back Pain Protocol (ABPP)

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol (ABPP) is a proprietary technique that has been effective in helping thousands of Alaskans overcome their back pain. It offers a unique strategy for treating low back pain for long-term results. Our experts combine these three things to increase the effectiveness of each procedure:


1. Chiropractic Care
2. Massage Therapy
3. Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab

Anchorage office: 8840 Old Seward Highway, Suite E Anchorage – Juneau office: AK 99515  2201 Dunn Street, #2, Juneau, AK 99801.