When to Go to a Chiropractor?

when to go to a chiropractor

Chiropractic care is one of the most profound forms of treatment for musculoskeletal problems. According to most studies, chiropractic care has proven to be very effective in correcting spinal misalignments and restoring dysfunctional joints.

Approximately half of the American adult population has been to a chiropractor’s office, and more than half of the patients have positive views regarding chiropractic care. They agree that chiropractic procedures are instrumental in alleviating back and neck pain.

Most people are not well-informed about chiropractors. According to one Gallup Report, approximately half of the adults in the United States have not seen a doctor of chiropractic. These people are uncertain about the effectiveness, cost, and matters of chiropractic care.

The uncertainty about the various facets of chiropractic has provided us with the opportunity to encourage interested people to seek out Wasilla chiropractic centers. Should I see a chiropractor? Continue reading to find out.

Who Should See a Chiropractor?

A significant number of people may be skeptical about seeing a chiropractor for a given number of reasons. In fact, most people would only consider chiropractic after they have gone through some serious back or neck problem.

You might have been in a car accident, woke up with a stiff neck, or slid on ice, and your visit to your regular physician has not been helpful. These may bring you to want to see a doctor of chiropractic.

However, you may also wish to see a chiropractor in order to help you avoid problems. Chiropractic is not only designed to treat problems, but also to help prevent them in the first place. You can feel comfortable seeing a chiropractor for hundreds of ailments.

When Should I See a Chiropractor?

As earlier mentioned, one of the major reasons why most people would choose to see a chiropractor is for back pain, joint pain, or neck pain. Chiropractic care is good for these and a number of additional conditions as well.

  1. When You Have Back Pain

No matter what type of back problem you may encounter, it is important to see a physician. You might have back pain from improper lifting, poor sleeping, frequent sitting, or poor posture.

There are a number of back pain problems that fall into special categories including pain associated with the aging process, an injury, during sex, or during pregnancy. So, chances that the average person may suffer from back pain are high.

Fitness and exercise are an essential part of dealing with back pain and other mechanical type problems. You should consider bringing any unrelieved or persistent pain to the attention of your physician.

You may choose chiropractic as a referral from another physician or on your own. Your chiropractor can offer relief from pain and reduce or stop the intensity of your condition without the use of narcotics or invasive surgery.

In addition, when you see a chiropractor for non-specific lumbar spine pain, the long-standing results are improved by receiving regular spinal manipulation. Maintenence care may be conducted after an initial intensive treatment or series of treatments to help prevent problems in the future.

  1. When You Have Neck Pain

We all experience a stiff neck or shoulder at times, which might be the result of a poor sleeping or sitting position. Maybe you just lifted a heavy item with your neck and shoulders tensed or twisted. But you may not always be able to differentiate between a soreness and a real injury.

A stiff neck is normally defined as soreness along with difficulty moving your neck. This is usually the case when you attempt to turn the neck to either side. A stiff neck may vary from mild to excruciating pain.

If turning your neck is almost impossible because of extreme pain, you need medical care. In most situations, taking it easy and taking over the counter medication may sound like a convincing solution. But it is not.

When to go to a chiropractor? See your therapist if the stiff neck has not presented any development after a couple of days of self-care. You should also consider seeing a physician for musculoskeletal problems if you observe red flag symptoms, including a headache, fever, unexplained sleepiness, nausea, and vomiting.

  1. When You Have Muscle Spasms

Severe muscle spasms can be remarkably painful and frustrating. There are different causes of muscle spasms. You should consider seeing a chiropractor if these symptoms are present.

You are most likely to have chronic muscle spasms if you experience the following: muscle fatigue, malfunctioning nerves, vitamin or mineral deficiency, or pain due to improper stretching, sitting, or standing positions.

The most alarming signs of muscle spasms are extreme pain, tightness in the affected muscles, and extreme discomfort. You should not attempt to ignore a sudden contraction of a muscle, especially if it refuses to release.

A doctor of chiropractic can help you. He or she can provide you with regular care, which will help to prevent the development of muscle pain. In turn, this helps to circumvent muscle spasms.

Hands-on procedures will help to properly align your muscles and joints, taking excess pressure off your soft tissues and nerves. This will effectively minimize the number of nerve signals sent to your brain registering as pain.

Your doctor may also propose massage therapy to help calm down muscles that are susceptible to spasms. Your therapist may also use massage therapy to combat inflammation, which is usually a symptom of muscle spasms and cramps.

  1. Frequent Tension Headaches or Migraines

Headaches and migraines can be red flag symptoms of joint dysfunction and spinal misalignment. Basically, not all headaches are alike. Therefore, it is extremely important that your condition is properly diagnosed and treated.

The very first observation is the frequency of your headache or migraine pain. Headaches that occur once a month or more may need medical attention.

Headaches or migraines that occur more than fifteen times over a period of thirty days can be categorized as chronic, and certainly are a good reason to consult a chiropractic physician. You will need to observe how long your headaches last as well.

The frequency of a headache or a migraine, along with how long it lasts will provide your chiropractor with adequate information on the type of headache or migraine you may be suffering from.

Other symptoms that should be considered are a stiff or painful neck, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, sensitivity to bright light, sensitivity to loud noises, fatigue, yawning, face drooping, tingling, and loss of sensation.

  1. A Job that Needs You to Sit Most of the Time

Sitting too long can be a problem, and you may need to do something to counter the effects. This is normally the case with people working at a desk for extended periods of time, especially when working on a computer. This places pressure on your back.

Sitting for long hours has a significant effect on your middle. Sitting for more than eight hours can effectively decrease your metabolism. This can make you gain weight and lead to the development of life-threatening ailments.

Some studies claim that sitting for long hours may lead to premature health problems. There is much that you can do to handle the effects of sitting for long hours including improve your sitting posture, invest in a standing desk, and engage in fitness workouts designed for your needs.

A highly recommended option is to visit a chiropractor’s office for an increased level of care. Back and neck problems due to sitting can easily go away with proper chiropractic adjustments. Your chiropractor will conduct a full physical exam and treatment.

  1. Shooting Pain in the Legs and Limited Range of Motion

If you are suffering from shooting or sharp discomfort in your legs, including weakness and tingling, then you might have a slipped disc or pinched nerve. A professional chiropractor will do more than just a physical exam.

He or she will make a diagnosis of the pain, followed by spinal adjustments to relieve unwanted pressure that is exerted on your nerves causing pain. You may also experience a limited range of motion that can be helped through chiropractic care.

Some problems with your legs may be due to a recent accident. A sharp pain in the leg may be the result of something that needs attention in the spinal column. Instead of wondering what happened, go see a chiropractor. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in accident-related injuries and are equipped to help you recover.

  1. Being an Active Person

Are you an active person? If yes, then your body may readily welcome a visit to the chiropractor! As much as the endurance of your body helps you to stay physically active and healthy, the same endurance may be causing you problems.

This is particularly the case with athletes who are fully engaged in sports. Joints and muscles of such people are always under constant pressure. In some cases, the muscles may be overused leading to pain and discomfort.

You may develop issues, such as pinched nerves, slipped discs among others. Therefore, a visit to a chiropractor will surely help you. Chiropractic adjustments and treatments will make sure that your spine is healthy and your body stays fit.

Choosing the Right Chiropractor

Once you know when to go to a chiropractor, you need to know how to choose the right chiropractor near you. Selecting a chiropractor can be a very stressful decision, especially when you are after the best in terms of services.

There is so much that you must consider when picking your ideal physician. The following are the most important factors to consider:

  • Choose a qualified professional who deals with spinal conditions.
  • Visit websites that deal with chiropractic care at a larger scale, such as the American Chiropractic Association or the Canadian Chiropractic Association. Such entities will provide you with accurate information.
  • Do research of your own to find out whether or not the extremely affordable services are genuine.
  • Do not create a problem where there is none. Some chiropractors may force procedures on you even when you do not need them.
  • Do not continue consulting a chiropractor who disregards the work of other physicians.
  • Find out how experienced the chiropractor is with your specific problem. For instance, there are chiropractors who are more specialized and experienced with back pain than others. Try to find out who has been treated by your doctor of choice, and what good or bad things do they have to say about the doctor.
  • Choose a chiropractor who is located within your geographical location. You will not have to take a flight or drive for long hours in order to avoid additional costs.
  • Confirm, online if possible, whether or not your insurance may cover your care. Some chiropractors are known to offer a free consultation. Most importantly, you should find a chiropractor who allows payment plans.

In Conclusion

Should I see a chiropractor? Definitely yes! We have provided you with more than enough reasons that should encourage you to see a doctor of chiropractic. While most people would choose to see a chiropractor because of an accident or the aging process, you should see a chiropractor for any of the aforementioned reasons.

You should feel comfortable with your chosen chiropractic care treatments and the facility you choose. This holistic therapy is considered safe as long as you visit well-trained, experienced, licensed and renowned chiropractors. Better Health Chiropractic & Physical Rehab welcomes clients to inquire what may be the best care plan for them.

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